CiviMobile Concept

This year at the first CiviCon we had a great session lead by CiviAction's Ian Rhett about taking CiviCRM into the mobile space. It was a very engaging brainstorm session with a lot of great ideas thrown out there. My time this week at WWDC provided a little inspiration and time spent in a hotel room to create some mockups of what this could look like. I have posted some images below. I think one of the big conclusions at CiviCon is that the app could be built to do a lot of things but at this point working to achieve a CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) app is probably the best starting place. This is a project that I would like to start to work on along with my team at emotive. I think the best approach is to develop the app using the Appcelerator Titanium platform. It's an open source development platform that translates javascript into native iPhone/iPad, Android and coming soon Blackberry apps. I figure that most of us know Javascript much more than we do C or C++ and this would provide us with a single codebase for multiple mobile platforms.

Notes from CiviCRM 4.0 Brainstorm

The following notes were gathered from the CiviCon session on what the community would like to see in CiviCRM 4.0:

* Goals
* No new features
* Framework switch
* Not as major a rewrite as it looks
* Don't want to change many of the private APIs
* Want to switch away from pear
* Test unit coverage
* Better API hooks
* What users would like to see
* Continuous Integration
* Hudson - as you submit code runs through suite of unit tests to see what's broken
* Better decoupling
* Drupal Forms API