Wednesday, May 20, 2015 - 15:35
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Ever wanted to hire the core team to work on an something important to you but didn't know how? Then take a look at our new Paid issue queue.

The paid issue queue aims to provide a simple mechanism for you to get the work you need into the next release of CiviCRM. It's designed to work in parallel to our standard issue queue, allowing you to 'jump the line' by providing the necessary resources to get your issue fixed.

If you aren't that familiar with how the core team works, this might sound like a fairly radical change.  But it is actually not that different from how we've always organised our work. We prioritise developments that people are willing to pay for on the assumption that if you are prepared to 'put your money where your mouth is' it likely has value for others as well.

What we are doing with the paid issue queue is formalising and simplyfing the process and publicising it more widely. And we'll continue to work on issues in the standard queue that are not funded as resources allow (as described on this page).

You can read more about the queue and sumbit your first issues here: We are at a simple version 1 of the paid issue queue at the moment - we welcome your feedback on how we can make the paid issue queue work better for you.

The paid issue queue is one of the initiavtives that we're undertaking as part of our drive for sustainability so try it out.  As well as getting your issue fixed, you'll be contributing to the long term sustainability of the project.

Submit your issue here!

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