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CiviCRM's ambassador program is designed to connect people that want to get started with CiviCRM with folks that have been there before - you may already be doing this informally, with friends and colleagues or at meet ups.  Or maybe you'd like to be. In either case, you should join our ambassador program.

Joining up means your details will apppear here in the list of ambassadors and people will be able to get in contact with you to ask questions about your experiences.

The forms and process are designed to encourage individual communication rather than spamming of the enitre list.  It is impossible for people to contact the entire list of ambassadors - instead, they'll email you based on the details you sumbit when you join up. With our current ration of ambassadors to enquiries, you can expect to be contacted by a potential user once every month or so. Hence it isn't a massive commitment but does make a huge difference to those people that are evaluating CiviCRM since it shows the willingness of our community members to help other users get started (which IMO is one of our assets and important reason that people decide to adopt CiviCRM.

We'd also like to make a few improvements to the ambassasor program and welcome your input into what you think could be improved and any time you have that you can donate towards making those improvements. Sign up to become an ambassador here and contact or comment below with any feedback you have that we could use to improve the program.

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How can I update my Ambassador profile?


Log in to with your user account, and then navigate to the Ambassadors Profile.