CiviCon is coming to London

2011-03-31 11:28
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We're very pleased to annouce that CiviCon is coming to London this August 22nd.

In the grand tradition of CiviCons, we've timed this one to co-incide with DrupalCon London (though we haven't gone quite as mad as they have with UK branding cliches).

There's a fair amount of organising going on already: we have a venue in the pipeline and have trainings and sprints (book, code, etc.) after DrupalCon.  We'll soon be releasing sponsorship options and starting session proposals, early bird registration, etc.

If you have any time or resources that you can devote to helping organise CiviCon London, we'd love to hear from you.  Email and we'll add you to the CiviCon organising committee.

Looking forward to it already!



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