Tuesday, January 19, 2016 - 07:37
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We've thought a bit about how we communicate with you and are rolling out some changes to make it easier for you to keep up to date with the things you are interested in.  We're splitting our regular monthly community newsletter into User news, written for end users and others that are interested in keeping up with product developments (tips of how to make the most out of CiviCRM, new features, user focused events, etc.) and Contributor news, written for people that are actively involved with CiviCRM (or just getting started down that lane) who want to be kept up with initiatives we're working on to improve CiviCRM, hear about ways you can get involved, and so on. We'll also start sending out announcements - one off single subject emails about the most important developments for the project.

Since the Community newsletter did all three of these things, we've subscribed everyone who received the community newsletter to our three new newsletters. Thanks to the magic of CiviCRM, webform, profiles and checksums, it's easy to control your subscriptions at any time.  Fill in this webform to receive an email with a link to update your mailing preferences. Or click on the manage my subscriptions link that we send with  all our mailings to be taken to the same page.

If you were already signed up to our newsletter, you should have already received your first copy of user news. Stay tuned for contributor news and other announcements which should be hitting your inbox shortly!

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I got an error message when I went to the manage subscription page (via the email I received) saying I didn't have permission to view the contact record, but it displayed a form and let me save it anyway.

Would that be because I was already logged into Or maybe I have 2 accounts with the same email in here?

It's an odd bug that occurs when an authenticated user is logged into CiviCRM (it seems to only happen once). Like you said, your information is saved all the same. It's in the issue queue to get fixed...

Thanks! I would also have accepted "solar flares" as a possible answer - ha ha.

So I'm subscribed to all three newsletters via the link I received via e-mail. Thanks. I'm logged in to Civi here and I see blog posts and security advisories in my subscriptions in my profile - but not the newsletters. Are those newsletter lists Groups in Civi, and are the blog posts and security advisory lists are that I see in my subscriptions as well? Also, FYI - announcements is spelled incorrectly in the page links etc.