Wednesday, November 25, 2015 - 15:57
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Following the success of CiviCon Denver 2015, we'll be headed back to Colorado again in 2016 - to the beautiful city of Fort Collins - for our annual north American CiviCRM conference.

There are a few  changes in the works for 2016, which we'll be annoucing as soon as their finalised. In case you're interested, they are aimed at ensuring that our conference provides the best experience for - and reaches as many as possible of the end users of our software (including front line staff, adminsirators and decision makers at the non profits that already use or could make use of CiviCRM. We are also focused on ensuring that our sprints provide the best possible onboarding experience for those that want to contribute to CiviCRM (be they developers, documentors, marketers, or anything else).

While we put the finishing touches to these plans, and so you can plan your CiviCRM year, here are the dates for our Ft Collins conference:

  • trainings: 31st May and 1st June
  • conference: 2nd and 3rd June
  • sprints: 4th June

Many thanks to Nicolas Ganivet and CiviDesk for stepping up again to lead the organisation in 2016. As always we are looking for volunteers to help out make this our biggest and best ever conference so if you have the energy, enthusiasm and commitment, please get in contact  with and and and we can get you started!

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I googled Fort Collins. It appears to have mountains *and* flowers. Now with the addition of CiviCon, trainings, and a sprint, the city is complete.