Thursday, May 7, 2009 - 00:28
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Third day behind, pages count is 148 and raising. Actually, if we consider final format (size of pages) of the book, it would have 215 pages right now, but I'm using the count from temporarily generated PDF for sake of consistency with previous page count announcements from blog posts on day 1 and 2. Anyway, we started traditionally at 9 and banged our keyboards until lunch. Since weather continues to improve, today's choice for lunch place was Donner Camp, with beautiful view over Donner Lake. Sitting in front of computer screens for almost 3 days makes bodies accumulate a lot of readiness to move around, so some of us quickly came up with new extreme sport, swamp frisbee. Very similar to regular flying disc entertainment, it just requires two modifications: needs to be happening on swamp and requires improvised frisbee equipment (since we didn't have regular one). Fun times passed very quickly and we came back for some more writing. Soon after dinner (again, have to give credit to Jill's delicious home made pasta and saltimbocca chicken, not to mention arugula salad and tiramisu for dessert - absolutely amazing meal) we came back together as large group to make hard decisions on final outline and tasks for last two days. Wasn't easy - there is a couple of topics that we will not be able to cover in the book, even though we would really love to. Funny thing - I was personally feeling (and I bet some of us had the same impression) that if it needs to be there, we can absolutely do it. Fortunately, Adam (our facilitator from FlossManuals) reminded us that it's a bit too late to expand the scope of the book and we need to focus on finalising what we have now. Focus on day 4 will be mainly around filling in remaining missing parts, adding more screenshots and diagrams, also further improvements on whole book's consistency. Since we are past two thirds of the sprint, we thought it would be good to mobilise all the possible forces. On the photo: Scout, sometimes referred to as CiviDog, is proofreading the chapter on managing contact information. :-)
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