Second day of book sprint

Goals for this sprint are quite ambitious - three books instead of updating only one, so second day was quite intensive. Alice with Robyn from Progressive Technology Project are making incredible progress on describing CiviCampaign, Michael from Third Sector Design (who's also book maintainer) and Dave from Circle Interactive are putting together freshly spinned off developer handbook, and Abril from Alternativas y Capacidades and myself writing about applications of CiviCRM in human rights work. Not too much more to say about today - everyone is typing their keyboards furiously, since there is still a lot of work ahead of us. Helen from Flossmanuals joined us today - she will be working with us as editor for the rest of the spring, looking out for inconsistencies in the book and helping us make more polished.

Maybe a few words about what we do with Abril - out goal is to prepare small booklet for organisations working in human rights field, with descriptive information about how CiviCRM can be used to make their work easier and more effective. We are writing about using CiviCRM as human rights violation documentation system, but also decided to describe a few most common activities, like fundraising, mobilising supporters, managing volunteers and also do a bit more research about existing examples. We're still at early stage - writing a log of notes, researching and exchanging ideas, but it seems like it will be quite interesting and useful material. Hold your fingers!

New episode of CiviCRM (and seriously - 3.4.beta1 / 4.0.beta1 is ready for download)

Stable is getting close! This week, we bring you totally new thrill in CiviCRM Releases series (season 3.4/4.0) - the BETA1!

An remember - if you didn't already, make sure you read "Step up and help out" section of this blog post!

Versions released today are:

CiviCRM versions 3.4.alpha3 and 4.0.alpha3 ready for download.

Did you already try CivicRM 3.4 and/or 4.0? If not, we're releasing next alpha version, third one, especially for you. :-) Before downloading, make sure you read "Step up and help out" section of this blog post and let us know what you think (and what problems did you encounter).

Versions released today are:

Two versions at once? CiviCRM versions 3.4.alpha1 and 4.0.alpha1 are available!

It's been a while since CiviCRM 3.3 went stable and the world around changed a bit: Drupal 7 and Joomla 1.6 were released. Since making CiviCRM work with new versions of these two CMSes required some backwards incompatible changes, we're releasing two versions of CiviCRM:

  • 4.0.alpha1 for Drupal 7 and Joomla 1.6
  • 3.4.alpha1 for Drupal 6 and Joomla 1.5

Please remember this is an ALPHA release and it should NOT be used on production sites - however, we enourage you to install it on your test sites and let us know about any bugs or problems.

There are a few public sandboxes where you can try one (or many) of above versions:

CiviCRM 3.3.4 release has been pulled due to upgrade issue

The 3.3.4 release has been pulled due to potential problems during upgrade. We will be posting a 3.3.5 release with the security fixes shortly. If you've downloaded 3.3.4 and haven't done the upgrade yet, you can trash that file and wait for 3.3.5 later today. If you've upgraded to 3.3.4 and did NOT get an error - then your upgrade is fine.

CiviCRM forums upgraded

Today, we have upgraded our project forums to newest version of the engine that we use. Main rationale behind it was fighting spam - new version has much more tight spam protection features and we hope it will allow to reduce amount of work that community members and core team members spend on keeping the forums free of spam. After the upgrade, forum got new looks - hope you like it. :-)

Testing achievements in 3.3 cycle and going ahead

When the dust settled after releasing 3.3 stable, we started planning for next steps in testing area. As looking a little bit back is always good for planning, we've took a look at what we managed to achieve during 3.3 release cycle. In short, we increased the number of tests from 792 to 920 (so nice, round number of 128 new tests) and added quite a few new test suites. Most of the work was put towards webtests this time (as opposed to unit tests), and those check the funct

Here comes CiviCRM 3.3 alpha

It's 3.3.alpha1 time! After a couple months of work, it's finally time to push out all those new cool features out! Before jumping directly on downloads (yeah, we know you can't wait!), we strongly recommend going through 3.3 highlights post, where you will find out what's new and hot in this release.

If you want to experience 3.3.alpha1, it is now available for download. You can also try it out on our sandbox site. Please remember this is an ALPHA release and it should NOT be used on production sites.