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January 10, 2011
By michal Filed under CiviCRM

Today, we have upgraded our project forums to newest version of the engine that we use. Main rationale behind it was fighting spam - new version has much more tight spam protection features and we hope it will allow to reduce amount of work that community members and core team members spend on keeping the forums free of spam. After the upgrade, forum got new looks - hope you like it. :-)

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December 17, 2010
By michal Filed under v3.3

When the dust settled after releasing 3.3 stable, we started planning for next steps in testing area. As looking a little bit back is always good for planning, we've took a look at what we managed to achieve during 3.3 release cycle. In short, we increased the number of tests from 792 to 920 (so nice, round number of 128 new tests) and added quite a few new test suites. Most of the work was put towards webtests this time (as opposed to unit tests), and those check the funct

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