Sunday, April 25, 2010 - 08:54
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That's right, you probably noticed there are two sprints going on here in Tahoe. You can read the report from the book sprint in Jack blog post, now it's time you found out what's the second sprint about. Internationalisation has been available in CiviCRM almost from the very beginning, but we never had a chance to sit down with people who use it and work on different issues that appear when you want to use CiviCRM in other languages and environments than English. So, this time finally came and we have an excellent group of folks sitting in one room and working on making CiviCRM better from i18n perspective. Our three main goals include:
  • choosing the best translation platform and possibly switching to it
  • mapping the best community process for maintaining translations
  • wiping out various issues connected to internationalisation and localisation
We started in the morning with going through introductions, figuring out the goals and discussing on what would be the perfect situation when it comes to using CiviCRM in international context. After than, Piotr gave us an overview on how localisation works in CiviCRM to get everyone on the same page. After quick lunch, we divided into groups and attacked some i18n/L10n/g11n issues:
  • multiple currency support - being able to use currency name when storing amounts in different places throughout CiviCRM functionality
  • javascript issues with chineese script in autocomplete and other issues connected to using CiviCRM with multibyte languages
  • localization of number formats on servers that have only C locale installed
Some of the issues were pinned down during the evening, some has been identified as longer projects and we'll be working on them throughout next few days. As our sprint tradition requires, we had an excellent dinner made by core team members and sprint attendees (rogan josh, dahl, raita, rice, salad). Looking forward to next few days!


We are working with translation platform for mobile and web apps. It's called Get Localization ( so please consider whether it could work for you as well. If you've any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.