Charging Sales Tax / Value Added Tax (VAT) on contributions

2013-05-02 16:19
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With the introduction of CiviAccounts in CiviCRM 4.3 the ground work to allow CiviCRM to cater for Tax against contributions has been laid.

During the week-long sprint in northern California following CiviCon, we've been working through the design and amendments required to complete the implementation of Tax within CiviCRM.

The specification can be found on the wiki

In short we've tried to ensure basic but powerful tax rules are to be built into CiviCRM Core, with additional hooks for users who need to implment specific rules.

Core functionality will include

  • Different tax rules per financial type
  • Multiple Taxes being applied to a single transaction e.g. State Tax and City Tax
  • Ledger lines produced representing the break down in tax charged

So out of the box you'll be able to

  • Charge Tax(s) on memberships
  • Charge Tax(s) on Events
  • Control Tax(s) at item level i.e. Event Fee 20% Tax, Meal for event 10% Tax, Child Care for event 0% Tax
  • Export Liability ledger transactions to your finance system

Using Hooks you'll be able to

  • Change the tax rules based on contact region
  • Change the tax rules based on any other information

Please take a look at the wiki page and provide any feedback.