GDPR and CiviCRM

Our new extension aims to enable charities/organisations to manage their supporters in a GDPR compliant manner. GDPR in itself does not introduce many new requirements however it does introduce a number of new obligations on organisations that hold and use data about individuals.

Announcing a new GDPR extension

Our new extension aims to enable charities/organisations to manage their supporters in a GDPR compliant manner. GDPR in itself does not introduce many new directives however it does make organisation appointed officials directly responsible for any breach in directive and therefore has a degree of responsibility which had been missing from previous iterations.

Why are you involved in the CiviCRM community?

It’s 5:45pm CDT on the final day of the CiviCRM St Louis conference and I’ve been walking for almost two hours, I have no clue where I am. I know I set off in the opposite direction to my hotel and I know I left the conference before it finished but I really didn’t think this through.

So what drove me to walk with the pure aim of just walking, akin to a mini TV version of Forest Gump?

WooCommerce Integration

Over the past year there've been a few conversations in the community about the availability of a WooCommerce CiviCRM extension. A couple of attempts are out there but accessing the codebase hadn't beared any fruit for us!

Thanks to funding from Cool Earth, we're pleased to share alpha versions of our WooCommerce integration Extensions.

At the moment they carry out a simple integration whereby WooCommerce orders are placed against contacts in CiviCRM as a single contribution entry. There's also the ability to see the orders from the contact within CiviCRM.

Its not just a numbers game

CiviCRM stumbled into my life back in 2007 when I was evaluating future products for the closed source consultancy who employed me. Who decided to look into open source? Well that was me! I’d been in IT for a while and could see the changes in software were coming, no longer were the niche technology stacks that giants such as Oracle and Microsoft owned proving to barriers, instead open technology and the power of the enthusiast guided by the brilliant were taking shape.

UK Gift Aid Update

Over the pond, we brits love our underdogs, we love the fighting spirit that the underdog has, and the belief that they may just make it. Partly its down to our lives being a collection of "Nice try" and "It wont happen for you" and us not wanting to celebrate anything too soon, in the insane belief that it might not happen. Well thats my excuse for not putting up this blog post any sooner.

UK Postcode Lookups.....

In the UK we’re used to being able to lookup our addresses based on our postcodes and charities add this to their wish lists for their own sites. However, once they establish the costs associated with this, they often find the ROI isn’t in the black and drop the idea.

There’s some good news………

Mailchimp Phase II

Wouldn't it be nice if Macilhimp was tightly integrated into CiviCRM?

Well, thanks to funding from Zing, work to better integrate CiviCRM to Mailchimp has begun.

We've put together the key functions we're aiming to deliver, taking on the existing integration built by Derek Williams @ Science Gallery.

Please feedback on this wiki page.

Lets not forget what Open Source is really about....

So I though I'd share a personal experience that reminded me of what Open Source, and therefore CiviCRM, means to me. Over the past year or so a lot of conversations have been taking place about the direction of CiviCRM, how we should fund the project to ensure its sustainability etc. More recently the partner program has come about and we've all been drawn into the mya that comes with it, thinking about the bigger picture. Why mya you may ask? Well, its mya in my view because the answers to those questions are different for each organisation and therefore are somewhat illusory.