WooCommerce Integration

2015-09-01 03:17
Written by
parvez - member of the CiviCRM community - view blog guidelines

Over the past year there've been a few conversations in the community about the availability of a WooCommerce CiviCRM extension. A couple of attempts are out there but accessing the codebase hadn't beared any fruit for us!

Thanks to funding from Cool Earth, we're pleased to share alpha versions of our WooCommerce integration Extensions.

At the moment they carry out a simple integration whereby WooCommerce orders are placed against contacts in CiviCRM as a single contribution entry. There's also the ability to see the orders from the contact within CiviCRM.

Our next milestone will be to allow donations to also be made via WooCommerce and to ensure that they are recorded as a seperate line within CiviCRM so that processes such as Gift Aid can be applied.

Please raise any issues against the github repositories directly, once we've reached beta release we'll add to the CiviCRM extension listings.

Github repos can be found here.