Make It Happen - CiviCRM and Drupal 8

2015-08-03 22:47
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A Make It Happen page (now closed) has been set up for getting CiviCRM ready to roll when Drupal 8 hits the stores.

This Make It Happen is for $10,000 to fix breakages as the final release candidates of Drupal 8 roll out (such as dealing with Symfony conflicts), and setting it up to work with BuildKit so we can provide a Demo site as part of the set of demo sites.

There will be a further MIHs for other related work such as refactoring the CiviCRM Entity module in order to deliver all the goodies of Entities and Rules, and provide improved solutions for CiviMember Roles Sync and CiviGroup Roles Sync, upgrading Webform CiviCRM.

But our first goal is to make sure that CiviCRM can be rolled out as soon as possible after Drupal 8 gets launched.

UPDATE: There is now a list of issues on JIRA here. If you want to approach Fuzion to help progress the Drupal 8 integration please get in touch or contact one of the other Partners.
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2016-09-22 - 09:18

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