CiviSync Mobile for Android Released & Updated

2012-05-12 15:34
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While we were working hard on a number of applications for free and open source market one of the application which was released by us was the CiviSync Mobile app for Android. You can download it from Google Play on your phone or here.

The App currently only supports read only mode and allows you to check your contacts, organisations, households, activities and groups. The app is developed using PhoneGap and hence it is easy to convert the app to an iPhone, Windows Mobile or Blackberry app when the need or the requirement comes from the market.

Once again the first version relied a bit on our extended API provided by CiviSync CMS component for Joomla and Drupal but in the next version we have moved away from using CiviSync CMS and towards using the native API for the search results.

In order to use CiviSync Mobile you need the following details:

  1. Username
  2. Password
  3. Site Key  and
  4. API Key for the user should be stored in the database of CiviCRM.

CiviSync CMS is still the perfect and only extension available for CiviCRM which allows you to manage the API keys for the users and hence control who has access to the API and who doesn't.

Our site is currently being updated to store some wiki articles on the installation and usage of the application. Please let us know your comments here and if you have any questions while using the app please visit the forum on our website.

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Though I can't seem to login, any tips on how the fields should formatted?

Anonymous (not verified)
2012-06-01 - 05:17

Any chance this will be ported to iOS soon? even as a cydia app? 

Anonymous (not verified)
2012-06-15 - 20:37

I would sure love to see this get out for iPhone use!!



I enter my user name, password site as or


Then the site key (originally hand keyed, but then mailed and cut/pasted in), 


Also tried the API key thinking the prompt was wrong, and also both joomla and drupal options.  


Keep getting: "Alert,  Can't sign in.  Please check your settings.


Any ideas?

Anonymous (not verified)
2012-10-23 - 06:52

I agree that it will be brilliant when CiviSync is available for the iPhone.  In the meantime, I have developed a workaround using an app called CSVTouch which is available in the App Store for only £1.49.  The app takes csv data files (in my case an export of contact details from CiviCRM) and creates a contact database with them.  It is not ideal as it is not a live sync with CiviCRM, but in the meantime, it has made the lives of a few people in my organisation a lot easier as they can get contact details when they are out and about.

It only took a few minutes to set up and didn't require any configuration or customisation.

Meanwhile, I look forward to an iPhone friendly future for CiviSync!