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2018-09-16 17:22
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I had always been thinking of developing a mobile app for CiviCRM and in the process of achieving the same, I have released an initial version of my mobile app just for Android named as SMARTCIVI.

What is Smartcivi?

Smartcivi is an Android mobile application for CiviCRM which is used for displaying CiviCRM content in Mobile Application – For now smartcivi is just a read only application.

In this version of SmartCivi you will have the following option listing a basic information of CiviCRM Data in the following.

  1. Login Page
  2. Dashboard
  3. Profile
  4. Contribution
  5. Membership


Login Page: Allows you to get connected with your CiviCRM website using the below details

  • Site URL: Absolute path of your CiviCRM location.
  • Site Key: Get this information from your civicrm_setting.php
  • API Key: Get your unique api_key for your contact

Dashboard: Displays a list of membership and contribution together with limited information (similiar to CiviCRM).

Profile: Displays a basic information of the logged in contact like

  • profile photo
  • primary email 
  • primary address
  • primary phone

Contributions: Displaying all the contributions records associated for the logged in contact - only limited information.

Memberships: Displaying all the memberships records associated for the logged in contact - only limited information

To start using this mobile app you need to install  against your civicrm website site. Please use Read.Me file for more information regarding usage.

Feature Development:

  • Implemenation of Smartcivi in IOS 
  • Updating user information from mobile app to CiviCRM Database.
  • Additional pages for Event, Case and Activities.
  • Linking Event with Map and location.

Please give a quick test of the smartcivi Android app and give me a feedback.

Thanks in Advance.


Great to hear that you are working on a mobile app!  I was wondering how your app relates to the work that Agiliway have done on creating a mobile app?

Ramesh, in reading the previous comment I get the impression this app is intended for use by constituents and not just staff (eg, viewing my contributions).

Are there any security issues with giving our constituents our Site Key? Most of ours are nice ;-) but who knows what they might do with that information?

Hi Ken - I don't see any harm in giving the site key to the user 

But, to make sure nothing goes wrong we can set a role for the users and set the below ACL permission   

  • View my contact
  • access AJAX API
  • access CiviContribute 
  • access CiviMember 
Where all the user will have limited rights - I will update the same against the extension.