A 'Community Shares' extention for Civi

2016-03-15 05:05
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Hello everybody. I am assessing the feasibility of a CiviCRM integrated 'Community Shares' extension on behalf of my client, the Kindling Trust.

Community Shares are an investment mechanism available to Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies in the UK - see CommunityShares.org.uk if you want more info.

Kindling are a not for profit organisation based in Northern England, who have been using Civi for a number of years, and are planning on launching a community share offer in the future, in order to raise funds for a community owned farm, to develop sustainable food practices, and regional food security.

I anticipate that the new extension would build upon the existing CiviContribute and CiviMember components, and have attached an outline document describing how I would see it functioning.

We are interested in talking to members of the Civi partner ecosystem, who are interested in assisting us with developing the Extension, and providing estimates for the cost of development. We are currently at the stage of raising finances to undertake the work. Please email me here if you are interested.

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