More Tracking of Exports

2019-01-16 21:39
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CiviCRM does not natively log whenever an export of contacts occurs. This can be problematic for organisations with compliance and auditing obligations. In response to this The Australian Greens have developed an Extension which creates a log file for each CiviCRM domain in the ConfigAndLog directory and logs every time a CiviCRM user performs an export from within CiviCRM. The current log format is as follows:
"User 123456 Just did an export of type Contacts with the following Header Rows: ... 
involving the following IDs ..."
The header row information and list of IDs are represented in JSON format. The extension tracks the export of a range of data types, including Contacts, Memberships, Contributions, Grants, Events, Pledges, Cases and Activities
The extension uses CiviCRM's Debugger logger system. There is more work that can be done to make the log messages more human friendly and better structured. This first release is a proof of concept and we welcome patches and any feedback people may have.
 The extension relies on CiviCRM Version 5.8 or later to work best.
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