Smart organizing power of CiviCalendar 3.4.0

2019-12-17 15:05
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With this new release, Agiliway takes СiviCalendar for the excellence-seeking ride to be the smartest organizing and scheduling Civi component. Visual, intuitive, clever and easy to use due to earlier releases, its recent update makes it alluring even for the one who never thought to be a calendar-person. As a major improvement the CiviCalendar extension suggests new ways to interact with your calendar.

More advanced configuration settings

CiviCalendar is now made highly configurable with individual settings a user can select. The Calendar Settings form integrates a range of configuration options that affect functionality, contents and presentation of the user interface.

Access this functionality from the admin panel (Administer => Customize Data and Screens => Calendar Settings) to be able to set up following configurations:

  • Filtering activities/events/cases by types

The Calendar Settings form unfolds with three multi-select fields, where the user can select the types of activities, events or cases to display on the calendar. Assuming the user is interested in viewing Meeting and Phone Call activity types, Meeting and Conference event types and the Housing Support case type then these types only will be displayed. Activities, events and cases with other types will not be displayed. Leaving these fields blank will show all types of activities, events, cases on the calendar.

  • Adjusting scroll pane (initially scrolls down to 6:00 AM)

This field by default sets 6.00 AM as a starting point for your schedule. By switching the default setting from 6.00 am to any other hour in this select field, you control when your day begins and when you start with your to-do list.

  • Setting default tab for calendar (month, week, day, agenda)

Change your calendar view by using this select field to switch between view modes. The setting shifts the focus to the most pertinent things on the user’s mind at a specific time.

  • Selecting time format, calendar cell size and locale

Switch to the time format you got used to, resize cells as you think fit and select a language you prefer to make the calendar view more personalized.

  • Adding contact names in title and hiding past events

For user convenience contact names will show up next to activities/cases/events, while past events disappear from view once the boxes related to these settings are checked.

Contact Calendar sharing

The shared calendar functionality eliminates unnecessary holdbacks in the work process. Suppose one of the employees works remotely or is out of the office attending fundraising events, coordinating volunteers or running some errands. Under usual circumstances, one would have to call the person or wait till they are back in the office to set up an appointment. With Contact Calendar sharing, the user will view the contact’s activities, events, and cases from their own graphical calendar to find the next free slot for an appointment. The functionality optimizes scheduling and work as the users are kept up to date about cowokers’ upcoming activities to find an open slot, align the schedules and set up an appointment.

The feature is accessed from the Contact menu. In the Contact filter section you can select up to 5 contacts. And all the activities, events and cases of these contacts will be displayed in the calendar.

We keep prioritizing CiviCRM and CiviMobile functionality requests as they pour in from active users. That means more updates are coming... You are welcome to share your feedback and suggestions for further improvements by email

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