New ways to track referral source

2020-10-24 14:52
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Have you ever wanted to know how someone discovered your event registration or contribution page? Or have you wanted to give our special links to certain referral partners, board members, or fundraisers to track their efforts? CiviCRM partners Joinery HQ and Korlon have teamed up to release two extensions that help do just that.

Referral Source - grabs the ?source=X parameter from the URL and appends X to the Source field on a Contribution page. Here's how that works:

The Source field of the Contribution would read: "Online Contribution: Name of Contribution Page - MyPartner"

Campaign Tools - extends the CiviCampaign component to do two things:

  1. shows the Campaign (if any) as a column in the Activities Tab of a Contact
  2. grabs the &campaign=Y parameter from the URL and applies this Campaign Id # it to any entity created during a Contribution or Event Registration page
    • For example:
    • assigns the registration (and payment, if applicable) to the Campaign in Civi with id #4

These two extensions work in conjunction on Contribution pages, too.
For example:

Some improvement is envisioned, with sponsorship of a few hours for any of these below:

  • Referral Source could be expanded to work on Event Registration forms as well
  • Referral Source could be optionally expanded to replace the Source field, rather than append to it
  • The Campaign Tools could have a configuration page to turn on or off the Campaign column
  • The Campaign column could be added to more tabs in the Contact, such as Events and Contributions

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Kudos on this is simple and elegant way to track referrals. This has significant utility for fundraising departments. It fills the gap that PCP's were trying to fill before. Now PCP's can be left for when the content needs to be different and Referral Source for everything else. Excellent!