01 September, 2014

There is a newly updated version of the native extension called "Fancy Tokens". This new version (2.1) includes enhancements suggested by the community. Specifically the request from Xavier to include tokens for individual event registration pages, where the event ID can be easily changed. 

Have you ever needed to send an email from CiviCRM that includes a list of upcoming events? Then you know how much fun the copy/paste effort this entails, especially if you want to use a checksum in the links to register. Plus you know you get to repeat the whole exciting process for the next newsletter the following week or month. Or if you have someone else you need to train on this task, try explaining to a non-technical person how to hand-edit the URL query string to include the checksum paramaters. (is the contact ID query string param name "cid=x" or "id=x", well that depends....)          And even if you do not deal with events, you can have the same fun teaching someone else to...

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18 August, 2014
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CiviCooP just received it's yearly bookkeeping report and as it turns out there is still some money left after all CiviCooP participants got paid for their work and our costs (marketing, website, CiviCRM partnership, community, administration) are paid. So we decided to donate the rest (roughly about 2000 euro) to the CiviCRM community. Speaking to Michael McAndrew and Dave Greenberg we will contribute to the Continuous Integration project, which is pretty technical so hard to fund. And we as a community will all benefit because the testing process will improve! If you want to know more about the Continuous Integration project, speak to Dave Greenberg or Tim Otten.

CiviCooP was set up as a non-profit vehicle to work together as community members on bigger projects and to be able to offer continous support with a combined helpdesk. In the last year we have been pretty succesful with some bigger projects, and we hope some of them will come to CiviCon London to tell the...

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31 July, 2014
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  1. Introduction
  2. Understanding the Structure of Dedupe Rules
  3. Creating Dedupe Rules
  4. Basic Dedupe Rule Attributes
  5. Field Weights, and Weight Threshold
  6. Some Recommended Rule Recipes
  7. Using Dedupe Rules
  8. Merging Contacts
  9. Using Dedupe Rules when Importing Contacts into CiviCRM
  10. Dedupe Exceptions
  11. Tips for Setting up Effective Dedupe Rules
  12. In Conclusion

1. Introduction

Dedupe rules are a very useful feature of CiviCRM, but one that can cause a fair bit of confusion to new or less technical users. The documentation on them is fairly spartan — sufficient for developers or...

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28 July, 2014
By haven
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The DC 2014 CiviCRM User Summit is quickly approaching. The finalized schedule and list of sessions and times can be found on the DC 2014 CiviCRM User Summit website, https://dc2014.civicrm.org/sessions.

There are many different sessions being offered to support a number of different levels of CiviCRM users. For CiviCRM beginners, sessions “Case Study: Taking the Plunge:Moving to Civi from Convio,” “BEE! Bulk Email easy,” and “Is CiviCRM the right choice for your Organization?” may be interesting and helpful.

The sessions “Hiring and Training for...

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15 July, 2014
Last June 26th CiviCRM participated in OpenExpo Day Madrid, one of the biggest events of Free and Open Source Software held this year.

Networking area 

Partially funded with the available Marketing BudgetiXiam represented CiviCRM with a small booth (a table with a rollup) at the networking section. Some people approached us in the networking section with very interesting questions interested in CiviCRM!

CiviCRM Session and Demo

We started the day presenting CiviCRM to an audiende of 20+. It was the first session of the day and we presented an overview of CiviCRM also...
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30 June, 2014
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The Keynote speaker for the Septemer 12th, DC 2014 CiviCRM User Summit has been announced. Rick Cohen is the Director of Communications and Operations for the National Council of Nonprofits. Cohen is a graduate from the American University and has an Executive Certificate in Nonprofit Management from Georgetown University. He has experience in many fields including media relations, finance, compliance, technology, and human relations and has been featured in NTEN Change, the quarterly journal released by the Nonprofit Technology Network.. 
Don’t forget Early Bird Registration ends today (June 30), you can register here.
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23 June, 2014
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This year we are hosting the CiviCRM User Summit (formerly known as CiviCamp) on Friday, September 12th in Washington, DC. This event is an excellent way to meet with fellow association and nonprofit users of CiviCRM and strengthen the nonprofit and CiviCRM communities. This one-day conference is filled with informational sessions from current nonprofit and association users as well as developers and implementers of CiviCRM. Proposed sessions so far include presentations on WordPress and CiviCRM integration, managing large data imports, and navigating all the different resources the CiviCRM community has to offer. The 2014 User Summit will be interesting for all audiences to come and share their ideas and learn about what is important to nonprofit leaders. 
To learn more about and register for the CiviCRM User Summit visit dc2014.civicrm.org. Early bird rates expire on June 30th, so...
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27 May, 2014
By teja

This week, I began work on my Google Summer of code 2014 project “Bootstrap and CiviCRM”. The project was proposed and selected to address the following goals:

1. Improve the user interface of CiviCRM

2. Provide a consistent and scalable UI framework for developers to extend/customize CiviCRM

3. Make CiviCRM compatible with mobile devices

Bootstrap was chosen as the framework of choice after much debate and discussion with the community. We also understand the enormous scope of the project and its long term implications in terms of changes to the codebase and existing extensions. We understand that GSoC coding period is too small to bring about changes to all components of CiviCRM. Instead, we have decided to focus on creating a solid process and documentation that can be taken forward by the community. In this context, after brainstorming with my mentors, we came up with a few possibilities on how to...

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18 May, 2014
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I think I saw the first demo of the CiviCRM extension dataviz after the post-CiviCon London sprint. Xavier Dutoit had been working real hard on this, and Hannelore and me were very impressed! The possibilities are great, and data visualization is IMO so much better than numbers on a report! Data becomes so much more alive.

I immediately thought it would be a great topic for a webinar. Last month I spent a co-working day with Xavier and we installed dataviz on the development server of MAF Norway and they were suitably impressed too! On top of that, the data visualization will be part of the Google Summer of Code (see https://civicrm.org/blogs/kreynen/gsoc-meet-the-students).

As we want everyone to be able to see what CiviCRM dataviz can do for them, we scheduled a webinar! On 27 May 2014 at 17.00 CET (check...

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01 May, 2014
By kreynen
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Last week offically started the "community bounding" period of the 2014 Google Summer of Code Program.  This is the first year CiviCRM has been involved as a mentoring orgnaization.  It has been a fair amount of work to get from project ideas to funded projects.  Thanks to Xavier Dutoit (Tech to the People) for helping with the all organization administration work.  CiviCRM is now one of 190 open source projects with volunteers who identified project ideas over the last 6 months and worked with potential students on proposals to implement to implement those ideas in ways that both challenges the student and benefits the project.

Google received 6,313 proposals from 4,420 students. 1,307 students accepted.  In total, Google will fund more than $8 million in open source development this summer.

Google is funding 6 CiviCRM related projects. The students will receive $33,000...

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