04 January, 2016
By josh
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It’s amazing that we’re talking about CiviCRM in 2016. First, because it’s 2016… how time flies! And second, because we’re still pushing CiviCRM forward after 11 years! This year does mark a big change for CiviCRM, however. As Dave Greenberg indicated several weeks ago, he and Donald Lobo, the co-founders of CiviCRM, have transitioned to advisers of the project and are no longer active Core Team members. We’ve spent much of the last half of 2015 preparing for this transition and adapting the Core Team’s capacity to continue pushing CiviCRM for another 11 years. We’ll be very focused on keeping the momentum going and on making certain that CiviCRM remains true to its mission of ensuring that all organizations have access to an amazing CRM, regardless of their size, budget or focus.

What else is in store for CiviCRM in 2016? Similar to 2015, we’re going...

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04 January, 2016
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The Core Team is very happy to announce that CiviCRM version 4.7 will be released on January 27th. Packed with both fixes and new improvements, 4.7 is the culmination of a lot of hard work and dedication from the community. If you’ve not demo’d it yet, check it out. If you’re planning to upgrade to 4.7 out of the gate, we encourage you to test a beta on a copy of your organization’s data and ensure that it’s bug-free for you. If it’s not, your testing can help the community squash any remaining 4.7 bugs!

Top 5 reasons to be stoked about 4.7

  1. Huge improvements to deduping
    Thanks to Veda Consulting for expanding on CiviCRM’s dedupe capabilities to allow for multiple record deduping, identification and batch merging of duplicate pairs, and big improvements to the UI. Full details...
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03 January, 2016

1. What was the ambition when you started with CiviCRM?

Automating membership administration, event management en managing our donors.  We also wanted to combine our data from memberships, events, donations and relations so it would be easier to maintain and share our knowledge. Finally we wanted a link between the forms on our website and our CRM system.

2. Can you describe the project in a few sentences?

Working together with CiviCooP we looked at our processes and wishes. CiviCooP then imported all relevant membership data.

Wikimedia Netherlands decided to start the central registration of data of our relations with CiviCRM. so we had no issues with importing historical data.

After the import we kept a double administration for a couple of months to make sure we covered all facets and could solve all issues. Since  1 January...

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04 December, 2015
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Finally 4.7.beta1 has been released. Its now your chance to bring out your inner Sherlock and help make the software we all use and love even better.

How to get involved:

What needs testing:

The following new features or improvements are great places to start:

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18 November, 2015
By Guest
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We in NFPservies have some client using secure.worldpay as their payment processor and it was always an issue in making it work and now worldpay has introduced online.worldpay gateway with API reference which are easy and quicker than before

Earlier in secure.worldpay gateway we used to redirect from CiviCRM to secure.worldpay website and process all the card details and then it will be passed over to CiviCRM website and we process the details. But, in online.worldpay we are using API for creating Tokens and Card Authorize. so no more redirection. Also the processes is straight forward and quicker


This Extension is based on online.worldpay.com - https://online.worldpay.com/

Please make sure you have an account with https://online.worldpay.com/


To install the uk.co.nfpservice.module...

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05 November, 2015
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Cividesk is offering two NEW on-line classes in November designed for more advanced users of CiviCRM.  Each class is two hours long and class size is kept small to allow for questions.

"Customize your database with Custom Fields and Profiles" on November 12th will focus on creating custom data sets for different record types, configuring the related settings and choosing the best field types for your data.  We will also focus on the many uses of profiles in CiviCRM and how to create profiles for on-line pages, a membership directory and a petition.  

"Managing a Fundraising Campaign with CiviCRM" on November 19th is a project oriented class that will take you through all the necessary steps for preparing a successful campaign. We will cover preparing data for the campaign outreach, creating an effective online...

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31 October, 2015
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Your CiviCRM installation may have undead contacts.  Contacts are marked as deceased in CiviCRM by setting the is_deceased column to 1; living contacts are marked with 0.  However, it's possible for import mistakes to cause contacts to have a value of null for is_deceased.  The result is that the contacts don't appear as dead when you view them, but they're excluded from mailings and other features that filter on is_deceased = 0.  The same goes for Do not mail, Do not email, and so forth.

A recent question on StackExchange, along with the Halloween holiday, prompted me to write an extension that checks your system for zombies.  It uses the new Status Messages page to display a notice with the fields with an inappropriate null value:


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20 October, 2015
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by Zak Rogoff, campaigns manager, Free Software Foundation. Follow Zak on GNU Social or Twitter.

The Free Software Foundation's mission is to promote and defend free software and build a strong movement for computer user freedom. I do communications at the Foundation, and a majority of my work relies on CiviCRM. I'm a Civi power user and know the software intimately (at least the set of extensions we use), so it was exciting to meet the faces behind the software at the User Summit in September. Here are some things I wanted to share with the CiviCRM community:

FSF <3 CiviCRM

Before CiviCRM existed, the FSF had a listing in our High Priority Projects list calling for someone to develop a free CRM. In 2010, we started using CiviCRM, checked the CRM entry off the...

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19 October, 2015
By katetak

Salvation Army Echelon, the official young adult auxiliary of The Salvation Army, is the product of an idea that began in Dallas, Texas in 2010. Echelon is the next generation of community action for the Salvation Army. Men and women age 21 to 35 engage in networking, fundraising and community service in chapters across the U.S.

After the network of chapters expanded from one club in Dallas to several clubs across the nation, Salvation Army Echelon wanted a solution to house the chapters under one umbrella while allowing each club to customize their own site. They chose Skvare based on their expertise in CiviCRM and the added benefit of having all web-related services - web development, hosting and maintenance - provided by one company.

Angie Harmon, Chair of PR & Communications of the Echelon Peoria Advisory Board says,...

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14 October, 2015
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The last year I have been working with the Socialistic Party to implement CiviCRM for their membership administration. Whilst doing that we developed some small extensions which makes life easier for them with their membership administration. In this blog post I want to give an overview of the extensions we have developed and what they do.

We have developed more extension for the Socialistic Party so please take a look around at https://github.com/SPnl.

Link membership to contributions

Extension: org.civicoop.membershippayment
Url: https://github.com/CiviCooP/org.civicoop.membershippayment

This extension adds a drop down to the contribution edit form to add a contribution to a membership. Or unlink a...

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