16 September, 2014

We're approaching the middle of the third day of the 2014 East Coast code sprint, situated in a bucolic farmhouse just outside of Frederick, Maryland. The location has made this sprint a little different, with some people being able to commute back and forth. In total, 14 or so sprinters have been working on webtests, improvements to CiviVolunteer, and improvements to buildkit for all platforms, which some renewed focus on Joomla and Wordpress. It's looking promising that buildkit will be fully supporting all the CMS platforms by the end of the sprint, making it even easier to contribute.

As this was my first sprint, I wasn't completely sure what to expect. In between some intense, heads-down work, we've found time for decompression as well. We've worked in great meals on the various porches at the farmhouse, great conversation around the firepit, and a spirited round of "The Greatest Game Ever." Monday also included a spirited discussion on forms strategy for Civi 5.0...

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09 September, 2014
By totten
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We’ve been having some discussions among the folks who triage security issues, who publish new releases, and who maintain backports. We'll update the policy beginning with the upcoming 4.4.7 release (and related 4.2.19 and 4.3.9 releases).

Release Policy: The release window

For the past year (at least), the policy has been that new security releases must drop on the first Wednesday of a given month, and that other releases can drop anytime (with an undocumented requirement to target Tue/Wed/Thu). This aimed to strike a balance among predictability, security, and flexibility.

The revised policy is to allow stable point-releases on the first or third Wednesday of the month. This is another attempt to balance predictability/security/flexibility, and has a few notable implications:

  • Overall, it’s more predictable...
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18 August, 2014
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CiviCooP just received it's yearly bookkeeping report and as it turns out there is still some money left after all CiviCooP participants got paid for their work and our costs (marketing, website, CiviCRM partnership, community, administration) are paid. So we decided to donate the rest (roughly about 2000 euro) to the CiviCRM community. Speaking to Michael McAndrew and Dave Greenberg we will contribute to the Continuous Integration project, which is pretty technical so hard to fund. And we as a community will all benefit because the testing process will improve! If you want to know more about the Continuous Integration project, speak to Dave Greenberg or Tim Otten.

CiviCooP was set up as a non-profit vehicle to work together as community members on bigger projects and to be able to offer continous support with a combined helpdesk. In the last year we have been pretty succesful with some bigger projects, and we hope some of them will come to CiviCon London to tell the...

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15 July, 2014
Last June 26th CiviCRM participated in OpenExpo Day Madrid, one of the biggest events of Free and Open Source Software held this year.

Networking area 

Partially funded with the available Marketing BudgetiXiam represented CiviCRM with a small booth (a table with a rollup) at the networking section. Some people approached us in the networking section with very interesting questions interested in CiviCRM!

CiviCRM Session and Demo

We started the day presenting CiviCRM to an audiende of 20+. It was the first session of the day and we presented an overview of CiviCRM also...
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01 July, 2014
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Late last year the topic of a vision for CiviCRM came up on the partner email list. What is it that brings us all together? And where are we headed over the next few years? It was good to chat this through with people and there was a general consensus that:

  1. having something written down would be really useful in many situations: it would help explain our project to new people (be they users, service providers, or funders) and inspire them to join us; it would be something you could read on those days when you feel like chucking it all in, to remind yourself, 'oh yeah, that's why I'm doing this'; and it would be a tool to bring clarity to our releases and help us set priorities.
  2. since CiviCRM means many different things to many different people, we'll need input from the entire community to create the vision. And it will be a challenge to collate all these views into something clear, representative, and meaningful.

We also agreed that...

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23 June, 2014
By Owen
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Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research are recruiting a new CRM & Database manager. This is a unique opportunity for someone who wants a role which is more than managing data quality and flows. This role will be a key ambassador for our CiviCRM, and work with the Insight team to ensure our CiviCRM delivers the maximum benefit across the organisation.

A few highlights from our system :

  • 500k contacts
  • Budget for development & in-house development team
  • Ambitious digital strategy including building our own online community for which CiviCRM will be central
  • Multiple cross department teams using CiviCRM across the organisation (not just fundraising)
  • Active community members who contribute back to the core product
  • We’re developing a CiviCRM integrated peer to peer fundraising platform
  • We’ve built a CiviMail powered marketing automation system
  • We’ve Integrated our phone system and...
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27 May, 2014
It was back in 2009, my two sisters were starting a non-profit project related to their passion: Indian Classical Dance. The project was called Güngur and I decided to help them out. So, I googled “CRM + Open Source + Free + nonprofit” and CiviCRM came up.
At that time, our company (iXiam) was ending it’s 2nd year of life. We were doing heavy .NET / J2EE custom application development. 
I didn’t want to bother the developers with this personal project so I (not being a coder) decided to install it myself and see how far I could go. To my surprise, the installation went smoothly and we have being using CiviCRM since Güngur’s first day of life.
In the meantime we discovered Drupal and we decided to adopt it as the CMS of choice for our projects. We redesigned iXiam’s website, and...
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18 May, 2014
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I think I saw the first demo of the CiviCRM extension dataviz after the post-CiviCon London sprint. Xavier Dutoit had been working real hard on this, and Hannelore and me were very impressed! The possibilities are great, and data visualization is IMO so much better than numbers on a report! Data becomes so much more alive.

I immediately thought it would be a great topic for a webinar. Last month I spent a co-working day with Xavier and we installed dataviz on the development server of MAF Norway and they were suitably impressed too! On top of that, the data visualization will be part of the Google Summer of Code (see https://civicrm.org/blogs/kreynen/gsoc-meet-the-students).

As we want everyone to be able to see what CiviCRM dataviz can do for them, we scheduled a webinar! On 27 May 2014 at 17.00 CET (check...

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06 May, 2014
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Don't ask for your privacy. Take it back.

Reset the Net is a campaign to improve individual and organizational privacy against mass government surveillance. I think we as CiviCRM community members should step up and act. In particular, hosting providers, implementors, and organizations using CiviCRM should up their game to implement SSL, HSTS, and PFS.

As users, administrators, and developers of software used by non-profits and advocacy groups around the world, we should all be concerned about the security of information in CiviCRM databases.

Many administrators and consultants went into overdrive to respond promptly to the recent http://heartbleed.com/ security vulnerability. But we also need to be aware of threats from mass government surveillance. 

Whether it is America's NSA, the Communications Security Establishment Canada, Britain's GCHQ, China's military, or other...

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01 May, 2014
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Today will be my last day out west before heading back to rainy New York City, a near two week trip in which I've been immersed in CiviCRM. Needless to say, I've learned a lot and am excited for the new features to be had in the upcoming 4.5 release.

The documentation team has had a very productive week, especially considering we've taken on rearranging much of the book content. At the time I'm posting this we've closed a total of 20 documentation issues, including all new 4.5 features that we are able to document. Today we added more reorganized and in-depth Membership documentation. We also added a section on maintaining quality email lists, which explores how CiviMail handles unsubscribes, bounces and holds. 

While we've been working hard, we have taken the time to enjoy the beautiful outdoors here in Truckee, CA. Today's expedition was a trip down to Donner Lake. The weather was perfect for a hike and the we couldn't resist the...

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