06 April, 2012
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About 45 participants attended the session. We did some polling of the room at the start to see who was there. I started by asking how many folks were familiar with the concept of open source software and I was happy to see most folks raising their hands. There was a mix of consultants and NP staff / managers, and only a few were already using CiviCRM. Most folks were already using some kind of CRM and came to explore if Civi might serve their needs better. Interestingly, a large percentage of folks were familiar with or using one of our supported CMS's (Drupal, Joomla, WordPress).


We walked through an introductory presentation - but most of the time was spent on Q & A. Questions ranged from "does it scale", to "how much does it cost to implement", to "is it hard to upgrade if you've customized it...

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27 March, 2012
By pkeogan
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Just a quick shout out to all those who attended the Philly CiviCRM meet up earlier this month.

I thought the session was excellent.  2 hours straight of Q&A with a host questions and a lot of excellent experience shared.  I think we all learned a lot and are looking forward to our next meetup.

Register for our Q2 Meet up here


If you're in the Philly area on June 12,  we'd love to see you.  Hopefully Byron won't eat all of the Oreo's next time!

22 February, 2012
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It's the code sprint next week here in London, at CAN in Old Street, and hopefully we'll have quite a few people coming along to join in for all or some of it. Lobo and Kurund are coming over, which we're excited about :) On Thursday, after a hard day's sprinting, we'll be rolling round the corner to The Book Club for a bit of a hang out.


Everyone is welcome. You don't have to be a developer or a Civi expert, it's just a chance to meet other people in the community. In fact, it's not a Civi-focused event, it's a social thing, and if we can bring ourselves to - we'll be talking about things other than Civi! 


We'll be there from 6, so pop in for a drink, some food, or just to say hi. See you there :) 


Katy J

Third Sector Design

10 February, 2012
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The meetup was hosted at techhub, in London’s “Silicon Roundabout”, Old Street. Our host for the evening was Michael McAndrew of Third Sector Design, a company specialising in CiviCRM based in techhub.

Meet-ups are free and a great way to get to learn more about CiviCRM and are suitable for those that are new to CiviCRM as well as people that have been using it for years. There were two presentations, a mingle session and a case study report from a charity that’s successfully implemented CiviCRM.

CiviCRM in 2012

The keywords for 2012 are: mobile, scalable, community.

A code sprint (?) scheduled for later this month in London will be focusing...

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18 January, 2012
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The first North of England meetup took place on the 12th of January 2012. It was really well attended with fifteen attendees. The attendess consisted of people interested in CiviCRM, users, implementers and developers. Some of these people had travelled quite a long way to get there and we were really pleased to see them.


The focus of the meetup was to start to create a community of people interested in CiviCRM across the North of England and secondly to create a forum by which those looking at using CiviCRM can come along for practical advice.


The meetup icebreaker went really well (we struggled to stop people talking!) and this was followed by two demonstrations. The first one was a demo of CiviCase using a real world example. The second demo looked at CiviEvent and how this can be integrated into a Drupal public website.


We also got plenty of feedback on the format which we will be taking into account for the next meetup....

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09 January, 2012

There are various CiviCRM events coming up in London this February, indeed there is 'something for everyone' regardless of your level of experience and familiarity with CiviCRM.  If you can't make it over to the US this April, you should definitley consider participating in one or more of these events...

CiviCRM meet-up

We are starting off on the 8th February with a CiviCRM meet-up - an informal after work event at Third Sector Design's offices at TechHub, Old Street.  We'll have two presentations showing off what you can do with CiviCRM, a Q+A session and a chance to meet and mingle with other CiviCRM users and developers.  Meet-ups are free a great way to get to learn more about CiviCRM and are suitable for those that are new to CiviCRM as well as people that have been using it for years. ...

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06 December, 2011
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Please join us for the CiviCRM MeetUp Thursday, December 15 5:30-7:30pm by registering today!

José Gonzalez will share how New York Communities For Change (NYCC) organizes its members and uses resources more effectively with PowerBase (an open source, Drupal over CiviCRM system) - embracing the idea that technology can be leverage in the fight for economic and social justice.

Through community organizing, direct action and legislative advocacy, New York Communities For Change (NYCC) members, a coalition of working families throughout New York State, work to impact economic and political policies that affect New York, but particularly low and moderate income communities.


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20 October, 2011
By bgm

Four of the fr_CA translators team met in Montreal yesterday to discuss how to communicate, prioritize and exchange tips and tricks on how to translate CiviCRM.

We would also like to get in contact with other translation teams to know how they work. Here are some topics we discussed:

  • We reviewed and adopted the French translation lexicon, since consistency is a big problem in the French translation. We are looking forward to feedback from translators in France and other French speaking countries, and we hope to have consensus as much as possible. We think our lexicon can be a good model for other translations and we would like your feedback on how to improve it.
  • We plan to use the Francophone forum on forum.civicrm.org to communicate between team members for issues related to French terminology. We...
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07 October, 2011
San Francisco Baykeeper's case study of moving from Blackbaud Raiser's Edge to CiviCRM was the featured topic at this month's San Francisco meetup. I previously wrote about our transition in this blog and wanted to provide an up-to-date look at that process, plus our latest advances and ongoing challenges. Baykeeper has now been successfully using CiviCRM for almost a year. There were around 15 people at the meetup, and we had a lively discussion with lots of Q and A during the presentation. The presentation is available for download here.
07 October, 2011
By bgm

Join us on 19 October 2011 in Montreal (QC, Canada) for a meetup on the state of the fr_CA CiviCRM translation. Location: at the Brulerie Saint-Denis (near the Berri-UQAM metro station) starting at 19h (7 PM).

Scheduled topics include: translation workflow, lexicon, book translation and marketing materials.

Confirm your presence in the Doodle.

For more information please read the meetup forum thread.

We look forward to see you there!
Mathieu (bgm on #civicrm), on behalf of the fr_CA translators who stepped up and proposed this meetup :)