11 February, 2011
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We're just back from the first UK CiviCRM user group meeting of 2011, hosted by Circle Interactive http://www.circle-interactive.co.uk in Bristol.

An engaged group of users and a lively discussion on growing the CiviCRM community. We'll be holding more user group meetups throughout the year in Bristol, London and Manchester.

In addition there are two training events coming up.


Bristol, 16 March - Introduction to CiviCRM

On 16 March Circle Interactive in Bristol are hosting a one-day Introduction to CiviCRM with tutor Sean Kenny.
The course will give an overview of CiviCRM use in small to medium sized organisations and in the first session will offer hands on tutoring in everyday Civi tasks:
Recording and managing information about your contacts Extending records by collecting custom data...
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20 December, 2010

We had a lively meetup at Wikimedia Foundation HQ in San Francisco last week. Despite the super crummy weather, Carl Tashian from the Participatory Politics Foundation came downtown on via bicycle to share their experiences migrating to CiviCRM from phpList, using the Sendgrid service for mailings, and integrating CiviCRM with the Ruby on Rails application they use for their Open Congress project. This is a great example of using the REST API for tools integration. You can check out the slides from Carl's presentation here. Be sure to also check out Open Congress! Thanks Carl for a great presentation.

We also spent some time reviewing the new...

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12 November, 2010
By Slovak
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After another successful meetup in October, join us on the second Monday in December to learn more about Custom Profiles, Custom Fields, and setting up online membership sign-up forms.

Bring along your friends and associates, as well as questions and examples of the work you may be doing with CiviCRM.

20 October, 2010
By derek
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This past Monday, the 18th of October 2010, a group of about 10 people gathered for Toronto's fifth ever CiviCRM Users' Group Meetup. The turnout was up significantly from last month, and we look forward to growing the local community even more. In future, we'll make sure to post clear and detailed directions to the location to ensure everyone who wants to come can find us!


Unfortunately our scheduled presenter was unable to attend at the last minute, which meant we had to modify the agenda for the evening slightly, but it ended up working out quite well. Introducing ourselves and our interests or experiences with CiviCRM, roughly half of us were developers or technical people of some description, while the rest were more end-user type people who were interested in what CiviCRM could do for them or their organization. This led to some great general discussion about what CiviCRM is (and isn't) and some examples were shown (eg...

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26 September, 2010
By Slovak
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Following the great response from OpenCamp and the recent Dallas Drupal User group meeting, the Dallas / Fort Worth CiviCRM Meetup is a reality!

Join us on October 11 at this inaugural meeting to find how you can use this open source solution in your non-profit organization or a small business. We'll cover the basics of CiviCRM and explore the newest features released in version 3.2.3.

We'll hold an informal open floor for people to present how they use CiviCRM and for others to ask questions about the CRM system.

08 September, 2010
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At September's meetup Kyle Jaster from Rayogram presented the newly released SimplyCivi Drupal theme, designed as a cleaner, more useful and user-friendly administration theme for CiviCRM. (Also check out Kyle's blog.) Below are notes from his presentation and information on how you can get and contribute to SimplyCivi.

  • Rayogram worked to create CiviCRM implementations for each of 62 New York State Senate (NYSS) offices
  • extensive use of CiviCase to track assistance to constituents
  • much of the work on NYSS implementations went into CiviCRM 3.2 core, especially front end changes
  • developed custom Drupal theme to wrap around CiviCRM; provides some extra features that work well with CiviCRM
  • decided to rewrap admin theme from NYSS project and make it...
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01 September, 2010
By kurund
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CiviCRM Trainings / Code Sprint:

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23 July, 2010
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We had a lively meetup on Tuesday at Wikimedia Foundation HQ in San Francisco. There was pretty cool mix of organizations represented:
  • board member and director from a "start-up" independent middle school looking to use CiviCRM and Drupal to support their vision of student - teacher - administration - parent collaboration
  • IT folks from an association of psychoanalysts - looking to implement CiviCRM and Drupal for fund-raising and events
  • two new developers from Wikimedia Foundation - looking towards making CiviCRM a more effective tool for their users
The focus of the meeting was review and Q/A on the upcoming 3.2 release. I walked through a Read more
23 July, 2010
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Were you thinking of attending the Mumbai CiviCRM Meet up  - July 2010  last Thursday in India  or wondering what exactly is shared, discussed, explained, who attended ?…


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09 July, 2010
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Following on from our training camps last summer, we are very pleased to announce another two training events in London this September/October. The first is aimed at users and administrators, and the second is aimed at integrators, implementors and developers.

We'll have folks from around CiviLand joining us for these trainings (Archduke Lobo, Grand High Wizard Dave Greenberg, and more) so you'll be learning from the experts.

We received lots of positive feedback about the camps last year and the 'training team' have put a fair amount of work into improving the content of these trainings based on people's feedback. You can see the planned agenda on the event pages, and you're welcome to add specific items that you would like to see covered on the event Wiki pages.

Both events are at the end of September, and for the really keen they'll be followed by a 4 day code sprint (details to follow but please get in touch if you would like to play a part in shaping...

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