20 May, 2010
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About 25 folks gathered at the Wikimedia Foundation offices last night for our May SF meetup. We had a good mix of new and experienced folks, representing both organizations and consultants.

After a brief recap of CiviCon (and some great feedback from folks in the room who were there) - Lobo and I discussed the results and learnings from our recent book and translation sprints.

Then we divided into break-out groups...

  • a newbie group where folks discussed the basic features / deciding whether CiviCRM is right for your organization.
  • a tutorial on Personal Campaign pages, followed by a free-wheeling QA on contribution reporting and the future of invoicing and accounting integration in CiviCRM
  • an advanced QA session w...
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19 May, 2010
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The first Toronto CiviCRM Meetup held at the RNAO headquarters near King St and University Ave last night was a great success.

There were 29 registrants and about that many attended. (It seems like the small number of regrets and no-shows were canceled out by non-registered people showing up!)

Louis-Charles Lavallée, the Director Information Management & Technology at the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario welcomed everyone to the event. People introduced themselves, revealing a good mix of people wanting to learn about and currently using CiviCRM. There were a number of consultants, small and large non-profits, and several political campaigns and parties represented. I presented an overview of CiviCRM focussing on functionality and the strength and growth of the community culled from a couple of CiviCRM core team presentations (see attached). TechSoup Canada's great cookies and brownies fed the conversation and networking at the break, accompanied by fair...

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14 May, 2010
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Come to St Ethelburga's Centre for Peace and Reconciliation this Tuesday 1st of June for a real-life CiviCRM case study and to find out more about CiviCRM and how it can benefit your non profit organisation.

St Ethelburga's use CiviCRM and Drupal to publicise and administer their event programme and keep in contact with their supporters. They are about to start using it to support their fundraising campaigns. We'll have a look how they are using CiviCRM, how they have managed their CiviCRM project, what they learnt in the process, and what the next steps are. St Ethelburga's staff will be able to answer questions and give their experiences.

We'll also take a took at CiviCRM more generally (both in terms of what it can do, and how you can implement CiviCRM at your organisation) and talk about how you can become more involved in the CiviCRM community.

This event is suitable for people new to CiviCRM, and also those that...

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06 May, 2010
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There seems to be growing interest in CiviCRM in Seattle. People want to know more about what it is, how it works and how they can harness the power for their clients or their own organizations. Recently at DrupalCon in San Francisco I ran a training on CiviCRM that was attended by a fellow Seattlite, and in the weeks just before that I was introduced to a few other folks in Seattle using CiviCRM. So it seems like it is time.

In this first Seattle CiviCRM User Group meeting we will share introductions, experiences and talk about growing the community of CiviCRM users and implementers in Seattle.

Not formal experience with CiviCRM is necessary, just a curiosity and a willingness to learn.

Where: Office Nomads, 1617 Boylston Ave, Second Floor, Seattle, WA 98122 - (206) 323-6500 - (north of Pine) on Capitol Hill
When: Thursday, May 27th 5pm until 7pm, at which time we may adjourn to a local establishment for food and...

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16 April, 2010
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Calling all Drupalers: we'll be holding two BOF sessions at Drupalcon this year. Both are on Monday in room 212. The first one, from 11am to midday, is aimed at end users and administrators. The second, from 4 to 5pm is aimed at developers. Come along to talk about all things CiviCRM-Drupal!

More details on the drupalcon BOF page. Looking forward to seeing you there!

13 April, 2010
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Heading back from NTEN's national conference in Atlanta Saturday evening - both tired and stimulated. I was one of 1,500 non-profit "tech" folks (they come in all shapes and sizes btw). CiviCRM (and open source in generally) are clearly more on the radar at NTC each year - despite the bombardment of logos, banners and booths by the large commercial closed source vendors. My week started with a side-trip to NYC. Combining a family visit with work - I spent a fun and productive day with Kyle Jaster and the rayogram gang working out some of the transition issues for the upcoming layout and style changes for 3.2 (blog on this coming soon - but you can preview work in progress on the sandbox site).

User Training

Then off to Atlanta to conduct a pre-conference full-day CiviCRM User Training session. We had a fully booked session - with a pretty wide range of experience - so I was thrilled to have... Read more
08 April, 2010
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Will Brownsberger, Massachusetts state representative, presented at the March 23, 2010 Boston CiviCRM meetup, which was held at the One Laptop Per Child offices.

The primary focus of Rep. Brownsberger's presentation was his campaign site, mywillbrownsberger.com, which uses a combination of CiviCRM and a custom Drupal module to coordinate the canvassing and get-out-the-vote efforts of his campaign volunteers. Donald Lobo, project lead of CiviCRM, plans to turn the Drupal canvassing module into an add-on to CiviCRM, but donations are needed to support the development necessary for this. A project plan is visible on the CiviCRM wiki. You can download the custom Drupal module that Rep. Brownsberger uses from his site.

During the course of his presentation, Rep. Brownsberger explained...

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08 April, 2010
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Two weeks ago Michael McAndrew, Xavier Dutoit and me (Piotr Szotkowski) had the pleasure to attend Campaigning Camp 2010, hosted by FairSay in Oxford, UK. Campaigning Camp was a two track event, with concurrent CiviCRM and Plone development sprints interspersed with general campaigning advice from FairSay’s Duane Raymond.

After an initial round of presentations and general discussion the attendees split into three main teams, focussing on discussing and developing CiviCRM petitioning module, CiviCRM canvassing module and Python library for accessing CiviCRM (for future use as a Plone/CiviCRM integration point).

The CiviPetition group, coordinated by Xavier, started hacking on a module for creating online petitions and collecting ‘signatures’ – people who back the given petition – and registering them in CiviCRM. The initial code created during the sprint is in the...

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28 March, 2010
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If you were thinking of attending the CiviCRM meet up last Wednesday or wondering what exactly is shared, discussed, explained, who attends?…
Also, no worries if you're a bit late, we leave a number at the door for you to call

The meeting was attended by approximately 20 people who were new to CiviCRM, people who have decided to use CiviCRM and people who use and or develop it everyday and had specific questions.

After short introductions, we split into 3 smaller groups.
Group A talked about CiviSchool - http://wiki.civicrm.org/confluence/display/CRMDOC/CiviSchool

Group B were experienced users

Group C were new users, everyday users wanting to learn more features, people thinking if CiviCRM will meet their needs

Questions from group C:
Q. What's the difference between Drupal and Joomla!? Which to choose?
Drupal and Joomla! are both content...

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27 March, 2010
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Just finished up two days of work with CiviCRM at campaigning camp in Oxford UK bringing together members of Plone and CiviCRM community. The Camp followed on from the two day e-Campaigning forum and that was really useful in helping us keep the user at the forefront of work and discussions. And led to some really interesting conversations about a user focused approach to campaigning in CiviCRM which we plan to take further at CiviCon in April.

We split in two for most of the camp, with half looking at Plone-CiviCRM integration, and the other half focusing on campaigning tools for CiviCRM.

Some great first steps were made on Plone integration. Mike Rhodes from Net Insight wrote wrapper classes in Python to call CiviCRM's contact and activity APIs, allowing you to add, edit and delete contacts and activities from Python. Next steps are to use this...

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