13 April, 2010
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Heading back from NTEN's national conference in Atlanta Saturday evening - both tired and stimulated. I was one of 1,500 non-profit "tech" folks (they come in all shapes and sizes btw). CiviCRM (and open source in generally) are clearly more on the radar at NTC each year - despite the bombardment of logos, banners and booths by the large commercial closed source vendors. My week started with a side-trip to NYC. Combining a family visit with work - I spent a fun and productive day with Kyle Jaster and the rayogram gang working out some of the transition issues for the upcoming layout and style changes for 3.2 (blog on this coming soon - but you can preview work in progress on the sandbox site).

User Training

Then off to Atlanta to conduct a pre-conference full-day CiviCRM User Training session. We had a fully booked session - with a pretty wide range of experience - so I was thrilled to have... Read more
08 April, 2010
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Will Brownsberger, Massachusetts state representative, presented at the March 23, 2010 Boston CiviCRM meetup, which was held at the One Laptop Per Child offices.

The primary focus of Rep. Brownsberger's presentation was his campaign site, mywillbrownsberger.com, which uses a combination of CiviCRM and a custom Drupal module to coordinate the canvassing and get-out-the-vote efforts of his campaign volunteers. Donald Lobo, project lead of CiviCRM, plans to turn the Drupal canvassing module into an add-on to CiviCRM, but donations are needed to support the development necessary for this. A project plan is visible on the CiviCRM wiki. You can download the custom Drupal module that Rep. Brownsberger uses from his site.

During the course of his presentation, Rep. Brownsberger explained...

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08 April, 2010
By shot
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Two weeks ago Michael McAndrew, Xavier Dutoit and me (Piotr Szotkowski) had the pleasure to attend Campaigning Camp 2010, hosted by FairSay in Oxford, UK. Campaigning Camp was a two track event, with concurrent CiviCRM and Plone development sprints interspersed with general campaigning advice from FairSay’s Duane Raymond.

After an initial round of presentations and general discussion the attendees split into three main teams, focussing on discussing and developing CiviCRM petitioning module, CiviCRM canvassing module and Python library for accessing CiviCRM (for future use as a Plone/CiviCRM integration point).

The CiviPetition group, coordinated by Xavier, started hacking on a module for creating online petitions and collecting ‘signatures’ – people who back the given petition – and registering them in CiviCRM. The initial code created during the sprint is in the...

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28 March, 2010
By mari
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If you were thinking of attending the CiviCRM meet up last Wednesday or wondering what exactly is shared, discussed, explained, who attends?…
Also, no worries if you're a bit late, we leave a number at the door for you to call

The meeting was attended by approximately 20 people who were new to CiviCRM, people who have decided to use CiviCRM and people who use and or develop it everyday and had specific questions.

After short introductions, we split into 3 smaller groups.
Group A talked about CiviSchool - http://wiki.civicrm.org/confluence/display/CRMDOC/CiviSchool

Group B were experienced users

Group C were new users, everyday users wanting to learn more features, people thinking if CiviCRM will meet their needs

Questions from group C:
Q. What's the difference between Drupal and Joomla!? Which to choose?
Drupal and Joomla! are both content...

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27 March, 2010
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Just finished up two days of work with CiviCRM at campaigning camp in Oxford UK bringing together members of Plone and CiviCRM community. The Camp followed on from the two day e-Campaigning forum and that was really useful in helping us keep the user at the forefront of work and discussions. And led to some really interesting conversations about a user focused approach to campaigning in CiviCRM which we plan to take further at CiviCon in April.

We split in two for most of the camp, with half looking at Plone-CiviCRM integration, and the other half focusing on campaigning tools for CiviCRM.

Some great first steps were made on Plone integration. Mike Rhodes from Net Insight wrote wrapper classes in Python to call CiviCRM's contact and activity APIs, allowing you to add, edit and delete contacts and activities from Python. Next steps are to use this...

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25 March, 2010
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In parallel with the Drupal sprint (http://sf2010.drupal.org/conference/drupal-sprints) and CiviCRM training session (http://civicrm.org/civicrm/event/info?reset=1&id=25), we'll be running a CiviCRM code sprint.

Using an unconference format, we'll likely focus on activism functionality or perhaps squashing some bugs. A great way to contribute to the community while sharing with others and getting support from the core team.

If you'd like to contribute ideas on what we should work on, edit the wiki page.

23 March, 2010
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We've had some great session proposals on the wiki but are still on the look out for more. CiviCon is your chance to debate the parts of CiviCRM that matter to you, so if you have something you want to show off - or something you' like to get off your chest - then sign up for CiviCon and add your proposal.

We've split the day into three tracks

  • Developer track
  • CiviCRM in action track
  • Usability and community track

So far the proposals are pretty evenly spread between these three. We may end up with different / more tracks depending on session proposals

Plus, Gregory Heller from Civic Actions is organising Ignite CiviCon - a series of 5 minute Ignite talks of 20 slides set to auto advance every 15 seconds: "englighten us, but make it quick!". There is a space for Ignite talk proposals on the...

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17 March, 2010
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We had another engaging NYC meetup on March 16th, competing with the first warm sunny day after the crazy noreaster, where around 20 people spent the evening to dig in to CiviCRM.

After our usual intros where folks can express what they'd like to get out of the evening, Fred kicked off a case study of how he used civi for the Man Up Campaign, and demonstrated the use of profiles to collect information from individuals who would like to engage or contribute to the campaign.

We then broke up into several groups based on the interests that popped up in the intros: one group huddled to figure out Civimail (and Jack posted notes on her blog); Joseph and I facilitated and answered questions from an inquisitive group of civi newbies, and spent a few minutes talking about the new drupal module, CiviEngage; Sacha led a group that wanted to focus on troubleshooting specific issues; and...

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02 March, 2010
By rczamor
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Last Thursday, a dozen local CiviCRM users, developers and persons interested in learning about the system met at the NEXUS Resource Center to discuss the Boston CiviCRM training and challenges that we each have faced during implementations. Thank you to the The Green Roundtable for allowing us to utilize their space for this meetup.

I presented on a past project I worked on for the Jane Goodall Institute last year. The presentation brought up a serious gap that many people have identified within the CiviCRM community - an online advocacy tool set that integrates well with the Civi. There are various Drupal modules out there that seek to fill this gap, but there is no one solution that meets the general needs of organizations running online advocacy programs.

Much of the discussion that followed the presentation was focused...

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25 February, 2010
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In a month, on March 25th and 26th, FairSay invites you all to Oxford, UK to join us for a two-track CiviCRM/Drupal and Plone Campaigning Camp (free with lunch and tea break included!).

We’ll be planning, improving and developing campaigning tools like CiviEngage, Drupal’s Activism module and Plone’s Megaphone and eCampaigning Tool (as well as discussing potential CiviCRM/Plone bridging possibilities) – do consider joining us now and shaping the camp on the event’s wiki pages.

For the CiviCRM part, Michael McAndrew and Piotr Szotkowski will be there to also discuss any of your CiviCRM development needs. Register here...