09 November, 2009
By xavier
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Hi all,

Following the success of the UK developer camp and meetup this summer, Michael, the Polish team of CiviCRM (Michał and Piotr) and myself have been discussing about organising one in Brussels.

We have chosen to organise it just before or after FOSDEM, that will happen this year on the 6th and 7th of February 2010.

This event is an opportunity where CiviCRM developers, administrator and users from the UK and Europe can get together around CiviCRM – and we’d like you to tell us what you want to see at the camp.

The developer camp is aimed at those that want to learn more about CiviCRM from the people involved in its development. If you are interested in improving your CiviCRM admin skills, learning more about developing with CiviCRM or helping improve the product in any other way, then this camp is for you.

We’ll also be holding a user meet up and CiviCRM showcase as part of this event. For both the...

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21 October, 2009
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There will be an Asia Blogger Festival in HongKong during 6th~8th Nov. I propose a session about CiviCRM to introduce the NGO 2.0 concept and demostrate CiviCRM via in-depth case study. Unfortunately, it was accepted!! I would like to invite CiviCRM community to help us to make this session betrer. plz feel free to comment it. Thanks!! You can check their website and program at: http://www.blogfest.asia/ http://www.blogfest.asia/?page_id=3 The following is the abstract for this session:

NGO 2.0 – building the social web for social change

NGO 2.0 - an introduction (40mins) Everything is online. Everything is online and 2.0. But how NGOs in all-scale could leverage the inner power of 2.0? Following recent four years discussions about NGO 2.0, we will go thru the foundations of Web 2.0 and promote the openness, standardization and sociality for NGO 2.0. CiviCRM - case study (40mins)... Read more
20 October, 2009
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Since our first meetup at 2009/08/15, we already met for 4 times and started to do case study by functions. And with many support from Dr. Lee of Dharma Drum University, Petra Lin of TechSoup Taiwan, Jimmy Huang of NETivism and Fu-Yuan Cheng(project coordinator), we are translating the CiviCRM Manual from FLOSS manuals. For more information about CiviCRM workshop Taipei, plz check: http://net2.netivism.tw/projects/civicrm-workshop(in Chinese)
07 October, 2009
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We had another well-attended meetup last thursday, hosted by the folks at Rayogram, with about 20 people participating. Annalee Van Kleeck, Lyric Systems, who has an extensive background in various fundraising systems, presented a case study of her work using Drupal/CiviCRM for Hands On, focusing on online ticket and subscriptions sales, a calendar of cultural events, and a resources library. This project was her first civiCRM installation, and she noted several times at how impressed she was of what civiCRM and drupal can do in comparison to other fundraising software.

Annalee identified areas that she would like to see improvements and/or develop custom modules in CiviCRM that would allow her to:

  • [for price sets] apply appropriate service charges for people who pay for tickets or subscriptions by credit card and also exempt service charges for those who pay by check
  • [for...
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05 October, 2009
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Let's hear it for Rayogram and their hospitality to the CiviCRM community by hosting the New York City Meetup last Thursday! We accomplish so much using all of our electronic tools but there is still a kind of creativity that happens so much more efficiently in real time, face to face. One of the breakout groups at the Meetup was with persons interested in talking about CiviPledge. I left energized and excited about improving the tool that we all share. Some of the highlights of our conversation were:

  • What is the role of pledges in organizations and CiviCRM?
  • How should we handle pledge payments?
  • How should we communicate with our members about their pledge payments?

One of the persistent questions is, "What distinguishes a Pledge from a Pay-Layer Contribution or a Recurring Contribution?" We really kicked that around at the break out table and I can now clearly articulate the difference and why...

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18 September, 2009
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Sorry for the short notice - but I just got a reminder that the deadline for submission of session suggestions for the 2010 NTC is this coming Monday (9/21). The conference is April 8-10 in Atlanta GA. Many of you have attended in the past - it's a pretty big deal at least for US non-profits. It's definitely a great opportunity for exposure and can be an awesome way to help promote CiviCRM as a project. I would encourage any of you who are interested in seeing CiviCRM related session(s) on the agenda to jump in a submit session suggestions (you can submit several): Submit session suggestions here In general, case study / success stories are well received ("Pump up your online fundraising with open source tools"). You do NOT need to volunteer to lead the session in order to suggest it (altho I suspect that helps) :-) Last years sessions that had some CiviCRM content included:
  • ...
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07 August, 2009
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- Here's a report back from Sacha Stanton

The New York Meetup was a great success last night, as 33 people got a glimpse into upcoming releases, several case studies, and great open floor discussions. Dave Greenberg, core contributor, joined in via Skype video to provide insight into upcoming features and answering questions.

The crowd demographic was roughly one half users, one quarter developers, and one quarter that had not yet used civiCRM but where interested, or on the verge of, installing the software. There were two Joomla users, one standalone, while the rest were Drupal aficionados.

Brian Shaughnessy, of Lighthouse Consulting...

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05 August, 2009
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The second SF Bay Area User Meetup was hosted last night by Wikia and Wikimedia Foundation folks (big claps). We had an excellent turnout (the room was packed) - with a nice mix of backgrounds ranging from prospective users to experienced folks and a few developers. The first part of the meeting featured 3 presentations: Read more
29 June, 2009
By lobo
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Last week Kurund, Michael, Mari, Xavier and I spent 2 days in the UK training camp and 1 day at the user camp. We had a great turnout at both camps with a 18 participants in the training camp and 8 participants in the user camp.

Training Camp

The training camp was held over two days. Similar to our other camps this was also in an unconference format. The topics were decided by the participants and we split the day up into 5 sessions on both the days. Some takeaways from the user meetup:
  • The UK NGO's rely more on government funding than on donations.
  • Reporting and managing gift aid is important. We sketched out an implementation and a custom report for this on the wiki. More code on this coming soon
  • Folks were quite excited about CiviReport and the reporting framework.
  • Quite a few discussions on effectively supporting multi-org installations (n drupal installs, 1 shared civicrm db)
  • A good discussion on how to make CiviCRM get around the "not built...
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27 June, 2009
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Those that missed out on the last three days of CiviCRM fun in London (and those for whom three days just wasn't enough) will be pleased to hear that this July's London Net Tuesday will be focused on CiviCRM. Nic Rodgers from Enable Interactive and I will be there to answer your questions and talk about how organisations in the UK and further afield have been using it.

The event starts at 5.30pm on July 7 (that's pretty SOON, by the way) and is being kindly hosted by Bash Creations who live at...

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