02 March, 2010
By rczamor
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Last Thursday, a dozen local CiviCRM users, developers and persons interested in learning about the system met at the NEXUS Resource Center to discuss the Boston CiviCRM training and challenges that we each have faced during implementations. Thank you to the The Green Roundtable for allowing us to utilize their space for this meetup.

I presented on a past project I worked on for the Jane Goodall Institute last year. The presentation brought up a serious gap that many people have identified within the CiviCRM community - an online advocacy tool set that integrates well with the Civi. There are various Drupal modules out there that seek to fill this gap, but there is no one solution that meets the general needs of organizations running online advocacy programs.

Much of the discussion that followed the presentation was focused...

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25 February, 2010
By shot
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In a month, on March 25th and 26th, FairSay invites you all to Oxford, UK to join us for a two-track CiviCRM/Drupal and Plone Campaigning Camp (free with lunch and tea break included!).

We’ll be planning, improving and developing campaigning tools like CiviEngage, Drupal’s Activism module and Plone’s Megaphone and eCampaigning Tool (as well as discussing potential CiviCRM/Plone bridging possibilities) – do consider joining us now and shaping the camp on the event’s wiki pages.

For the CiviCRM part, Michael McAndrew and Piotr Szotkowski will be there to also discuss any of your CiviCRM development needs. Register here...

24 February, 2010
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CiviCon - the first ever 'global' CiviCRM conference - is coming to San Francisco on April 22nd. We're getting really excited about the fantastic array of speakers and sessions already on the agenda ....
  • Nathan Yergler, Creative Commons CTO will be kicking off the day, sharing his thoughts about the importance of open source software like CiviCRM to the success of non-profits and grass roots organizations, why Civi is important to Creative Common's mission, and what the horizon looks like.
  • Cedric Brown, Director of the Mitch Kapor Foundation, along with Mitch Kapor (via video link) will be closing the day with their thoughts on the benefit propositions of open source software.
  • In between, there will be a lots of great user AND developer oriented sessions including:
    • ...
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11 February, 2010
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I am very excited to announce the first CiviCon! The day after DrupalCon this April, stick around in San Francisco for CiviCon. We'll have celebrity speakers, breakout sessions highlighting real-world examples of people making non-profits rock with CiviCRM, and ample opportunity to ask questions, meet people, and generally max out your CiviCRM fu. If you're reading this, you need to be there!

Here's the details: http://wiki.civicrm.org/confluence/display/CRM/CiviCon+April+2010

Ready to sign up? Yeah you are, you go-getter you. Go here: http://civicrm.org/civicrm/event/register?reset=1&id=37

Right now we're still in the planning stages, so this is a great opportunity to volunteer to run a break-out session or nominate someone you think should run one. Add your...

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09 February, 2010
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It's 19.50, I'm in the train from Brussels to home, on my way back from the CiviCRM developer camp. Erik Brouwer has just left the train, Eagles on the headphone and there's a multicolored display of non-identifiable ligths thru the window.....just another 90 minutes and I will be on the couch with a glass of red, cats purring on my lap and telling Floor all about the two days. So what was it like, this developer camp?

Well, perhaps I should mention first that it was very useful, that I have learned a lot about API's, hooks, ACL and localization that would have taken me days to figure out without the developer camp! In some cases the theoretical sessions were too fast for me, and I sometimes struggled to keep up. But once we got to the hands-on sessions I caught up and it was a great boost to be able to acutally do something with various ways of using API's in an hour. The whole 2 days were a very worthwile experience and I will be back for more on the next one that is...

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31 January, 2010
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Last Wednesday was a packed usergroup with more than 25 people squeezed into our meeting room in Scrutton Street. We were split more or less evenly between end users and developers/implementors, and between current and new users. There was a definite Drupal bias in the room, but there were some vocal Joomla implementors too. It was good to see familiar faces from last years developer camp and user training, as well as people that have started using CiviCRM in the past few months, and those that are just starting out.

After a quick round of introductions and a tour of some key CiviCRM functionality and new features in 3.1 (including dashboards and contact subtypes) we moved on to a discuss themes that attendees had requested we cover on the Wiki. Below I've tried to give a flavour of the event by pulling out the main themes and giving my thoughts on them. Would be great for you to fill in the gaps in bits I've missed, and to hear your thoughts in the comments.


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06 January, 2010
By shot
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We're preparing a CiviCRM developer camp in Brussels on February 8th and 9th – right after FOSDEM 2010. Developer Camps are a place where CiviCRM developers, administrator and users can get together around CiviCRM. We'd like you to let us know what you want to see at the camp by commenting on the wiki page.

The developer camp is aimed at those that want to learn more about CiviCRM from the people involved in its development. If you are interested in improving your CiviCRM admin skills, learning more about developing with CiviCRM or helping improve the product in any other way, then this camp is for you.

FOSDEM meetings are recognized as "The best Free Software and Open Source events in Europe" and participation is free, so coming to Brussels for the FOSDEM weekend might be a very good idea (Xavier Dutoit, Michael...

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16 December, 2009
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Here’s a group posting from Alice with Progressive Technology Project, and Kyle and Sacha with Rayogram:

Once again Rayogram’s staff stepped it up with hosting our NYC meetup, provided wifi access, with Sacha and Kyle taking leads in facilitating advanced user and developer hands-on break outs. I facilitated the newbies’ hands-on and demo break out, where we were able to use training sets fashioned by the Civi core team.

Kudos to the Civi core team for putting together the training sites which made the civi experience more real for the newbies!

We had 19 people attending and I received positive responses around the new format of having breakout sessions with Q&A and hands on time based on skill and interest levels. Many folks felt they learned quite a bit and were able to get their questions answered by working on live examples. Some folks demonstrated their...

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23 November, 2009
A passionate posse of folks interested in advancing the state of non-profit software gathered this week at the Non-profit Software Development Summit. CiviCRM was a sponsor of the event which featured a full "track" of Civi-related events. Some civ-highlights from the conference:
  • Helping some current users solve problems and get up to speed on more advance features in the CiviCRM 201 session. Our community does pretty amazing things in the "cloud" - but I really love having opportunities to interact with users and integrators and developers "live and in person". The feedback on 3.0 usability improvements (especially the new navigation menu) was super positive and very gratifying.
  • Participating in Lobo's "action-packed" 60 minute session on...
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09 November, 2009
By xavier
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Hi all,

Following the success of the UK developer camp and meetup this summer, Michael, the Polish team of CiviCRM (Michał and Piotr) and myself have been discussing about organising one in Brussels.

We have chosen to organise it just before or after FOSDEM, that will happen this year on the 6th and 7th of February 2010.

This event is an opportunity where CiviCRM developers, administrator and users from the UK and Europe can get together around CiviCRM – and we’d like you to tell us what you want to see at the camp.

The developer camp is aimed at those that want to learn more about CiviCRM from the people involved in its development. If you are interested in improving your CiviCRM admin skills, learning more about developing with CiviCRM or helping improve the product in any other way, then this camp is for you.

We’ll also be holding a user meet up and CiviCRM showcase as part of this event. For both the...

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