17 February, 2015
By roshani
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Some of you may have heard of CiviTeacher and watched some of the great training videos available on the site. I think it's an excellent resource that walks you through different CiviCRM tasks and features. It gives you access to easy to digest, short videos, which will help you to make the most of CiviCRM. The videos also share best practices and lessons learned that will save you time and headaches by helping you to set up things correctly in CiviCRM.  I thought it would be great to know more about CiviTeacher and Stuart Gaston, who started CiviTeacher, so I emailed him to see if he would like to do a blog interview. Have more questions about CiviTeacher? Feel free to comment to share your questions.

1. Tell us a little about yourself.

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31 January, 2015
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Cividesk will be offering several on-line CiviCRM classes during the month of February at a new time.  These two-hour sessions are desgined for newer users and will focus on Contacts, Membership, Events and Contributions. Class size is kept small to allow for Q&A.  Click here for more information on specific curriculum, dates and cost.  Additional questions? Email susan@cividesk.com.

30 January, 2015
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The Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC) will be taking place in Austin, TX on March 4-6, 2015. In addition to having a booth, there are a number of CiviCRM events planned around the Conference.

On Monday, March 2, there will be a 6 hour CiviCRM Super User training. This training is meant for CiviCRM users who have a good grasp of CiviCRM and are ready to learn more about best practices for contact management, everything you can do with profiles, being an import champion and how to use the CiviCRM community to learn more and give back (and much more). Coffee and lunch is included. $195 for registration

Progressive Technology Project is offering the Grassroots...

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21 January, 2015
By roshani
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Ginkgo Street Labs is pleased to announce a free webinar on using CiviCRM for a managing a volunteer program successfully. As the developers of the CiviVolunteer extension, we will show you how it extends the core functionality of CiviCRM through all stages of your program. Frank J. Gómez, Principal & Developer, and Roshani Kothari, Director of Strategy & Engagement, will share with you how large and small volunteer programs are being managed using CiviVolunteer. We encourage webinar participants to bring their questions to the webinar to help them use CiviVolunteer more effectively.

Date: Thurs., January 29
Time: 4-5 pm EST

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06 January, 2015
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Is your New Year’s resolution to shape up your CiviCRM skills?  Learn how to better utilize CiviCRM by participating in these on-line classes taught by Cividesk.  All classes are two hours in length and designed for the new user, however many current users find the courses helpful to complete their knowledge in a particular area of the CRM. Each course focues on a different topic: Contacts, Membership, Events and Contribution management.  Visit www.cividesk.com/training for the January class schedule, curriculum details and cost or email susan@cividesk.com with any questions.  

08 December, 2014
By roshani
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We would like to invite you to the Power of CiviCRM webinar from 4-5 pm EST. I will be providing an introduction to CiviCRM and sharing some case studies.  Dave Greenberg will also join the webinar to share thoughts about the vision for CiviCRM.  In a recent blog post, he shared, “As we approach our 10th year, I continue to believe that providing open source software solutions for the challenges faced by nonprofits and NGOs around the world is critically important. We want to make sure that organizations can own their own data AND can collaborate on the continual improvements to their tools, rather than incurring the costs of continually re-inventing the wheel with custom and proprietary software. We recently spent some time as a community clarifying our vision for CiviCRM. He added, "A key measure of our success will always be the social good that CiviCRM generates, and the stories that we hear from organizations that are doing amazing and...

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27 October, 2014
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Cividesk is offering four different on-line training sessions in November focusing on Contacts, Events, Membership and Contribution Management.  Click here for more information on class curriculum, specific dates/time and cost for each session.  Classes are designed for new users or those who are in need of a refresher course.  Email Susan@cividesk.com with any specific questions. 



17 October, 2014
By mpeth
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SYSTOPIA bietet am 28. November erstmals ein offenes CiviCRM-Grundlagentraining in Bonn an. Es richtet sich an

  • Mitarbeitende von Organisationen, die intensiv und effizient mit CiviCRM arbeiten möchten,
  • Verantwortliche, die ein stringentes Konzept für die Nutzung ihrer Daten in CiviCRM erarbeiten möchten.

Damit möchten wir gerade auch für CiviCRM-Anwender/innen, die nicht im Rahmen von größeren Projekten Schulungen erhalten, ein kompaktes und intensives Training ermöglichen.

Weitere Informationen und die Anmeldemöglichkeit gibt's auf unserer Website: https://www.systopia.de/civicrm-grundlagentraining.

08 October, 2014
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Ces sessions collectives sont destinées à de nouveaux utilisateurs de CiviCRM, ou à des utilisateurs ponctuels souhaitant rafraichir leurs connaissances.

Elles durent 2 heures, et laissent un temps de Questions/Réponses sur la formation.

La session sur les Contacts est un pré-requis pour la session sur les Evénéments.

Pour plus de renseignements, et pour vous inscrire en ligne : 

Jeudi 16 Octobre 2014 - Gestion des Contacts

Mardi 28 Octobre 2014 - Gestion des Evénements

Mardi 4...

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03 October, 2014
The course resources for trainers on the Wiki have now been updated for CiviCRM 4.5.
This has been done as part of the Edale sprint taking place in the UK.
The courses can be found on the CiviCRM Wiki - wiki.civicrm.org/confluence/display/CRM/Training
The course is based on a modular format with 14 individual sessions and each session contains both trainer notes and exercises for the learners.
The modular nature of the course means this can be run in multiple formats, like a '2 day course' or a '1 day course focusing on fundraising'.
Instructions for the trainer have been provided along with training tips, suggested course timetables and printable trainer/learner notes.
The full course is slide free - the idea is that the trainer delivers the whole course on a live CiviCRM site. The...
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