10 March, 2014

Going to the NTEN Nonprofit Technology Conference in DC this week?  Join us at several CiviCRM community events!

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04 March, 2014

As part of the the CiviCRM community, you’ve accomplished so much over the last eight years.  You’ve helped build CiviCRM up from a simple contact management and email platform to a CRM that is uniquely able to serve the needs of nonprofits -- with support for volunteer coordination, event management, advocacy campaigns, and more.  Alongside ambassadors and implementers, you’ve grown the CiviCRM community to include over 8,000 organizations.

As the project has changed and grown, the needs of everyone in the CiviCRM ecosystem have done the same.  Nonprofit staff need training to make use of CiviCRM’s extensive features.  Implementers and developers need the growing codebase to be stable, secure, and compatible with a wide array of CMS versions.

CiviCRM needs a sustainable source of additional revenue to cover the management and engineerng resources required to meet these needs.  ...

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19 February, 2014
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It's starting to thaw here in DC now, so I'd like to bring you thoughts of spring—specifically a series of CiviCRM trainings to help you and your colleagues get the most out of your system.  My colleague Jane Hanley and I are gearing up for a busy season of programs.

In addition to full two-day user and administrator trainings in Washington, DC and Atlanta, we're also starting a new cycle of specialized trainings for super users, Drupal and WordPress integration features, and components like CiviEvent,...

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04 February, 2014

Now that the holidays are behind us, I wanted to share some of the exciting developments brewing in Civi-world for 2014.

Growing the Community

For most of our history CiviCRM has relied on word-of-mouth rather than traditional "marketing" to drive our growth. This has worked amazingly well, but we think that we can do even better with a more focused effort, and especially by encouraging our wonderfully diverse community members to 'toot their horns'. To that end, a group of CiviCRM partners has formed a marketing team which will be driving a number of initiatives this year.

Some initial plans include:

  • provide a "map" of CiviCRM implementations around the world
  • add "empowered by CiviCRM" tags to online campaigns and events
  • engage public relations experts to help get Civi into the media more often
  • support users and implementers in evangelizing at sector conferences...
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20 December, 2013

The 2014 Nonprofit Technology Conference (14NTC) is coming to Washington, DC, March 13-15. Don’t miss the opportunity to take part in the largest gathering of nonprofit professionals that put technology to use for their causes. Register now to attend the 14NTC to learn the latest nonprofit technology tools and trends, to share best practices from your peers, and to take part in all of the networking opportunities that this three-day event has to offer.

There's no shortage of educational experiences at the 2014 NTC. Learn alongside passionate nonprofit professionals who, like you, want to use technology effectively to advance their missions and bring about social change. Breakout sessions,...

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14 November, 2013
By seank

Down here in Bristol, we’ve been putting more bones on the video project and talking to lots of people who want to be involved, so we thought we would give you an update on how things are progressing and what we need from the community at this point in helping developing the plans for the future.

We’ve now assembled 10 complete videos to cover discrete simple actions in CiviCRM and you can see links to these on the wiki. Our aim was to produce finished videos around 2 minutes long, but as you'll see they range from about 1 to about 3 minutes.

We've also been documenting the creation process which will probably be familiar to anyone who has done any video production in the past, but will hopefully be useful to contributors new to this activity. We’ve had some good tips from professionals (...

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08 October, 2013
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We are pleased to announce that a new course for trainer use has been released.

The course has been developed around CiviCRM 4.3 and can be found on the CiviCRM Wiki - wiki.civicrm.org/confluence/display/CRM/Training
The course is based on a modular format with 14 individual sessions - wiki.civicrm.org/confluence/display/CRM/Sessions
Each session contains both trainer notes and exercises for the learners.

The modular nature of the course means this can be run in multiple formats, like a '2 day course' or a '1 day course focusing on fundraising'. Instructions for the trainer have been provided along with training tips, suggested course timetables and printable trainer/learner notes.

The full course is slide free - the idea is that the trainer delivers the whole course on a...

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05 September, 2013
By Stoob

CiviTeacher.com has just arrived!

CiviTeacherMany of you know me as Stoob or just as the guy with big hair making wisecracks at CiviCon.  I'm also a guy with years of experience teaching adults in a classroom before I trasitioned into "the web".   I've done audio engineering, video production and have now worked as an independent CiviCRM consultant and trainer specializing in small nonprofit clients for nearly six years.  During interactions with dozens of organizations in this time I've come to realize that, although CiviCRM is awesome, it is not a solution.  CiviCRM is a tool.  Capable people who understand how to use tools are the solution.  These factors...

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30 August, 2013

This coming Friday, September 6, is the first and most {event.event_type} CiviCRM conference on the East Coast, CiviCamp. Held in {address.location_type} downtown Washington, DC, CiviCamp is a one-day conference along with a two-day training, code and documentation sprint, and showcase reception: a chance to learn and meet other CiviCRM users, {contact.contact_sub_type}, and developers.

Register online by midnight PDT tonight, August 30, and you can save $15 off the {contribution.financial_type} for the conference. We will also accept last-minute registrations by cash, credit card, or {contribution.payment_instrument} at the door.

While you're at it,...

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01 August, 2013
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The CiviCamp session planning met today, and they have put together a fabulous schedule for the conference on September 6. If you weren't already planning to come to DC for CiviCamp, you should check out the variety of interesting talks scheduled.

I believe it's only fair to see what you're getting before registering for a conference, and since the selected sessions have been announced today, the early-bird rate has been extended through tomorrow, August 2. Register today to lock in the discounted rate!

Are you interested in seeing what others have done with CiviCRM for their organizations? Join us on the evening before CiviCamp for the CiviCRM Showcase, sponsored by BackOffice Thinking. It will be a free, casual event featuring 10-minute talks from users...

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