21 October, 2008
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We've begun our planning for CiviCRM trainings and meetups for 2009 - and we'd love to get feedback from folks in the community about interests and availability for these events ... We're considering three different types of events for the calendar:
  • Advanced User Training - We held several 2-day sessions this year - focused on the skills needed to configure, customize and use CiviCRM advanced features. These sessions were well received - so we're planning on doing several more in 2009. Fees for these sessions are based on operating expenses.
  • User Group Meetings - Half or full-day meetups where folks can share experiences and learnings, network, and discuss the future of the platform.
  • Developer Camps - These 1 or 2 day sessions are "learn by doing" events where developers can work together with core team members on specific projects
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14 October, 2008
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Today was the second (and, unfortunately, last) day of the SF CiviCamp.

The day started with Rob Thorne’s presentation on using CiviCRM 1.x contacts as CCK fields and his work on CiviNode. Given that in the meantime all of CiviCRM, CCK and Views released version 2s, the outcome of the discussion was that it’s best to rewrite this code from scratch.

That led to a discussion about the stability, coverage and the general uses of CiviCRM APIs. The consensus was that the main users of the CiviCRM APIs are third-party developers, and it would be most useful if there was a way for them to write custom APIs covering their most popular use-cases. This, in turn, led to whether our internal classes (CRM_*) are stable enough to be a viable API by themselves; we’ve always considered them ‘private code’ and as so never strived to stabilise the various functions’ signatures, outcome – or even their existence between releases.

Another topic raised during the morning session...

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13 October, 2008
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CiviCamp day1 started with good number of participants with a total count of 14. We started with introduction and complaints about civicrm. Most of the complaints were about APIs, upgrades and support of previous versions. Discussions on APIs are scheduled for day2. Regarding upgrades it looked that older version (1.9 or below) generally have problems with upgrades since it requires some technical expertise. Walt was working towards developing a tool which could tell in advance if there are potential problems with the db which could make the upgrade fail. With this interesting idea, the group figured out a way to tell in advance whether the data fulfill all the foreign key constraints required by schema, so that user don't have to attempt the upgrade multiple times. Dan and group, was working on jQuery and UI improvements. There were a few suggestions on improvements to the general CiviCRM UI, for example the bad user experience regarding tables that overflow... Read more
12 October, 2008
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  • Day 1

CiviCRM team members had the opportunity to attend the BADCamp Oct. (11/12) held in University of California, Berkley. We decided to sit through the lectures of our respective interests.

We had a pretty basic yet impressive session on jquery by Dmitri Gaskin. jQuery makes it significantly easier for developers to extend the functionality and usability of their applications. Amit Asaravala gave some useful examples of how to use jquery with the Nice Menu module, and gave tips for creating Smarter Interfaces using jQuery. Also discussed how to make use of the jQuery library to make sites more responsive, intuitive, and fun. We had another session for Ajax with Tao Starbow which covered the basic concepts behind Ajax, practical use of jQuery's Ajax functions, and the jQuery Forms plugin (which is now part of Drupal's core).

After lunch, we had a yet another interesting session on Database...

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26 September, 2008
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As most of the core CiviCRM team will be in San Francisco for this year’s Bay Area Drupal Camp, we’ve proposed two CiviCRM sessions: an introductory session on CiviCRM and its components for end-users, evaluators and administrators, and an advanced developer session on CiviCRM’s internal architecture, the use of APIs and general code overview of the project for developers.

If you’re planning to attend BADCamp 2008, please consider voting for these two sessions. :)

18 September, 2008
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The Nonprofit Technology Network - NTEN - is holding it's annual conference in San Francisco next April. This is the largest annual gathering of the non-profit tech community in the U.S - and it's a great opportunity for folks in our CiviCRM community to connect and share and help promote CiviCRM. This year NTEN is using a new voting process to decide which sessions get included in the schedule. Three exciting CiviCRM-related sessions are on the "ballot" - thanks to David Geilhufe, Michelle Murrain (Non Profit Open Source Initiative), Sue Gardner (Wikimedia Foundation), Wes Morgan (Fund for the Public Interest), Rick Cohen (National Council of Nonprofit Associations), and Jeff Porter (Foundation for Prader-Willi Research). Even if you're not sure about attending NTC - help get these sessions on the schedule by taking a few minutes to vote for them. All you need to do is go to the linked pages below and click on the "stars":
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12 September, 2008
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If you're going to be in Los Angeles for DrupalCamp this weekend, stop by the Sunday 3:00pm (or possibly 4:15pm) session on the beginners track for an Intro to CiviCRM. We'll cover basic some basic set-up, usage, and have a brief discussion about what makes CiviCRM different from other Drupal modules. Appropriate for Advanced Drupal users who are new to CiviCRM, or total newbies.

**EDIT: Time corrected, but watch the posted schedules at the Convention center to be sure.

18 June, 2008
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Thanks to the folks who expressed interest in attending a CiviCRM Boot Camp in Philadelphia this summer. Unfortunately we didn't get a sufficient number of signups to justify the expense of running the session (given that we'd be covering
airfare, housing expenses etc.) - so we are forced to cancel the session.

We will be scheduling another session in the fall on the west coast (either San Francisco, Los Angeles or Seattle) - I'll announce details on this blog as we get a bit closer. It would be great to have one or more East Coast sessions in the future. If you're interested in helping to organize this / recruit participants - send me a note (dave at civicrm dot org).

In the meantime we will be participating in the NTEN sponsored CiviCRM - Ask the Expert webinar on July 15.

15 June, 2008
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If you were thinking of participating in the proposed Philadelphia Boot Camp, tomorrow is your last day to let us know (by sending an email to me - dave at civicrm dot org). We are still a few folks short of the number we need to run the camp - so if we don't hear from you tomorrow - we'll have to cancel this session. We're still planning to hold another camp in the fall on the West Coast - details to follow - but feel free to drop me an email if you're interested in that session. Meanwhile - on the new development front, the 2.1 release is coming along nicely. As of today there are only Read more
29 May, 2008
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Based on the success of the previous trainings/boot camps, we’d like to schedule our first training on the US East Coast: July 23rd-24th in Philadelphia. We’d like to host people from three / four different organizations (around twelve participants) and conduct the sessions as a mix of advanced user training, developer training, design and coding, based on the interests of the attendees. We've built quite a few features and improved integration with Drupal / Joomla in prior trainings.

The training would be held at the Ethical Humanist Society of Philadelphia, 1906 South Rittenhouse Square (with lots of nice eating places nearby).

This would be a paid event – $1,000/person for the two days (none of us being from the East Coast, we need to cover our expenses). Please let us know (by mailing dave at civicrm dot org) if you are interested; we’d like to make the training definite in...

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