27 October, 2012
By xavier
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Node.js allows to run javascript on the server and is great for real time applications when you want to have lots of users and connections at the same time

I wrote a node module to easily connect to a civicrm server from that node.js. I found a cool module that makes it easy to generate names, addresses, phone number and emails and hacked a quick example of how civi can be used from node.js.

Without further intro:


Imaginary friends on CiviCRM

You have installed civicrm, but realised you don't have friends or contacts? Fed up of having activities with the same 102 contacts that ship by default with civi?

civi-charlatan is going to fill your social life with lots of interesting sounding contacts from all around the world. You will even have their emails, addresses and phones!

It's like...

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04 August, 2012
By lcdweb
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If you are a Joomla+CiviCRM user or implementer in the New York City region, you may be interested in some upcoming sessions at JoomlaDay NYC, September 22-23. Details are here: http://www.joomladaynyc.com/

On Saturday I'll be leading an Intro to CiviCRM session that will provide an overview of CiviCRM functionality and touch on some key administrator/implementer considerations.

On Sunday we'll do a developer session that covers implementing CiviCRM hooks through Joomla plugins, PHP/tpl override directories, and an introduction to the API.

If anyone from the CiviCRM community is considering attending and has specific things they'd like to see covered, please comment through this blog and I'll see if I can work it in.

08 June, 2012
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The first Manchester UK CiviCRM User and Admin training was held last week with a fantastic group of attendees who travelled from around the UK to learn more about Civi. Everyone got involved in sharing their experiences and user cases which made a friendly atmosphere over the two days.

The 7 attendees were looking to use Civi in different ways which lead to some interesting discussions about the user scenarios that Civi can adapt to. We managed to cover system set up and configuration and all Civi modules with some time for everyone to use a test site to try configuring a system themselves (Phew!).

Thanks to each of you who attended! Looking forward to catching up with you all at another UK Civi event soon.

22 May, 2012
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Despite torrential rains yesterday, New York City's first CiviCRM Co-Working day was a hit. A diverse group of people representing workers unions, religious organizations, Occupy Wall Street, The Drupal Association and more gathered to work together. The morning started out withOUT coffee and donuts (we can blame the rain) yet everyone buckled down to work with Dave and Lobo standing by on IRC to answer any questions. After breaking for lunch and a case study presentation midday,  the true collaboration began with many questions asked and answered.


This was a much more satisfying model for those of us who have been organizing the monthly meetups because attendance was hirer and people seemed to really be mentoring one another while getting their own work done.  We'd love to get some feedback from those who did and didn't attend. At this point our thought is to hold CiviCRM Co-Working on the third Monday of each month. A nice way to kick off the week!


06 April, 2012
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About 45 participants attended the session. We did some polling of the room at the start to see who was there. I started by asking how many folks were familiar with the concept of open source software and I was happy to see most folks raising their hands. There was a mix of consultants and NP staff / managers, and only a few were already using CiviCRM. Most folks were already using some kind of CRM and came to explore if Civi might serve their needs better. Interestingly, a large percentage of folks were familiar with or using one of our supported CMS's (Drupal, Joomla, WordPress).


We walked through an introductory presentation - but most of the time was spent on Q & A. Questions ranged from "does it scale", to "how much does it cost to implement", to "is it hard to upgrade if you've customized it...

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11 January, 2012
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During the december 2011 sprint in The Netherlands we discussed a different approach to the developer training sessions. We wanted to bring the approach in line with the user and administrator training sessions developed during the sprint following CiviCon London 2011. In short this means we do not try to focus on dealing with all aspects of CiviCRM but focus more on the needs of the participants. The aim is not to learn all there is to learn but to learn enough to get started. So rather than a complete training guide we (Erik Brouwer, Michael Lenahan and me) created a set of trainer instructions and a couple of building blocks, to be extended by other community members as well. Have a look at this page on the wiki http://wiki.civicrm.org/confluence/display/CRM/CiviCRM+Developer+Trainer+Instructions. Obviously we would like to receveive comments, hear about your experiences using the...

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09 January, 2012

There are various CiviCRM events coming up in London this February, indeed there is 'something for everyone' regardless of your level of experience and familiarity with CiviCRM.  If you can't make it over to the US this April, you should definitley consider participating in one or more of these events...

CiviCRM meet-up

We are starting off on the 8th February with a CiviCRM meet-up - an informal after work event at Third Sector Design's offices at TechHub, Old Street.  We'll have two presentations showing off what you can do with CiviCRM, a Q+A session and a chance to meet and mingle with other CiviCRM users and developers.  Meet-ups are free a great way to get to learn more about CiviCRM and are suitable for those that are new to CiviCRM as well as people that have been using it for years. ...

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14 November, 2011
By sfyn
We've been offering CiviCRM consulting and hosting on a per-client basis for some time now, and as we have grown, we have started to feel the need for greater automation and consistency in our hosting offerings and contracts. Koumbit is currently in the midst of developing a comprehensive hosted CiviCRM offering, with the support of a few courageous clients. On the technical side our solution is intimately linked to the Drupal frontend and the Aegir hosting system. The aegir hosting system is primarily designed to host multi-site drupals. Once configured on a server, aegir handles many aspects of site deployment, from database creation to virtual host configuration. It also allows for the easy cloning of existing sites and the migration of sites from one Drupal codebase to another. At Koumbit we use Aegir to partially automate minor and security updates of Drupal and CiviCRM. Koumbit has participated in the... Read more
27 July, 2011
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This August 31st and September 1st we are running two CiviCRM trainings: one for developers and implementors and one for users and administrators.

The user and administrator training takes you through everything you can do with the CiviCRM user interface: how to install and configure CiviCRM for daily use at your organisation, and how to get the most out of the core and component functionality.  The developer and implementor training is for people that want to start doing things with Civi that you can't do with out of the box CiviCRM.

Both trainings are suitable for new and experienced users and both trainings are a mixture of structured sessions and presentations, and semi structured sessions that give you an opportunity to work on problems and projects from your own organisation.

Best of all, because we are...

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17 June, 2011
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For the past two days Michael McAndrew and I have been working on a training program for CiviCRM. We haven't finished it, but feel free to take a look at what we've done so far in this Google doc.
We've been working with the material that is already there, on the wiki etc., but have developed that a bit further. So far, we discussed and wrote for a User and Administrator Training. Since neither of us have enough technical background to write a developer training ourselves, we hope to also find input for that to further develop that on a similar basis as this one for users and administrators.

The idea is that we'll continue working on it and will use it as input during the London CiviCRM sprint in August.