10 May, 2011
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At the last user and admin training in London we decided to create exercise books to accompany the training. The idea was to move from an online format to a printed format, and we used the same tool that we use to create 'CiviCRM: a comprehensive guide': Booki.

Previously, we'd used a wiki page for these exercises. There were a few advantages to using the wiki page (ability to make last minute edits, additions, etc) but there were disadvantages too.  A few comments from attendees that they had too many tabs open, keep track of where you were was hard, the wiki wasn't a great format for doing exercises, etc.  We also wanted to make something that they could make notes on and take away from the training.  So we thought that the exercise books would be a good step foward.

We got these printed at a local printers and handed them (left) out along with...

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25 April, 2011

Eli Beckerman is the second winner of a copy of Using CiviCRM from Packt Publishing. Eli is excited about the potential of CiviCRM to organize bottom-up transformations to deal collaboratively with the many crises facing the world today.

Packt has also selected a runner-up in its contest: an experienced CiviCRM user from the City Bible Forum, ken, will get a downloadable eBook copy of the book.

Here's some background on Using CiviCRM from Packt's site:

What you will learn from this book:

  • Create a successful CiviCRM implementation project
  • Install and configure CiviCRM in Joomla! or Drupal, understand advanced configuration options, and review the upgrade process in detail
  • Get...
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19 April, 2011

Sheila Burkett is the first winner of a copy of Using CiviCRM from Packt Publishing. Packt is running a promotional contest where you just have to post into the forum or email them to qualify to win a copy of the book.

Here's some more information about the book from the Press Release:

Using CiviCRM is the first commercially published book on CiviCRM, and came out in February 2011. It will teach readers to build a CRM that conforms to their needs and to integrate it with Drupal or Joomla!. Written by...

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01 April, 2011
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We are super pleased to annouce CiviCRM developer and implementor training in London this May 18th and 19th in partnership with the CiviCRM core team.

We're holding the developer training one month after our user and admin training and we're lucky to have members of the core team coming over once again to deliver the training.  CiviCRM trainings are a great way to take your CiviSkills to the next level, to learn about best practices, clever tricks and techniques, and to meet other developers and people to collaborate with.

We're holding the training at our new favourite training venue, skillsmatter.  Skillsmatter host a lot of different open source training events and it is great to be able to hold our trainings there.  We may well organise a mini code sprint after / before the training for those that have more time to get involved with the project....

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11 February, 2011
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We're just back from the first UK CiviCRM user group meeting of 2011, hosted by Circle Interactive http://www.circle-interactive.co.uk in Bristol.

An engaged group of users and a lively discussion on growing the CiviCRM community. We'll be holding more user group meetups throughout the year in Bristol, London and Manchester.

In addition there are two training events coming up.


Bristol, 16 March - Introduction to CiviCRM

On 16 March Circle Interactive in Bristol are hosting a one-day Introduction to CiviCRM with tutor Sean Kenny.
The course will give an overview of CiviCRM use in small to medium sized organisations and in the first session will offer hands on tutoring in everyday Civi tasks:
Recording and managing information about your contacts Extending records by collecting custom data...
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27 January, 2011
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CiviCon 2011 is shaping up to be an awesome event. The session line-up includes exciting case studies, CiviMail best practices for implementors, security session for developers, "ask the experts" panel and lots more.

March 7, 12 noon - 6pm
After party 6pm - whenever!

TechNexus - 200 S. Wacker Drive (in downtown Chicago)

Our local sponsors - Emphanos LLC and SNTial Technologies have lined up a great venue - the TechNexus conference center - conveniently located in downtown Chicago. After the main event we'll have a chance to kick back with new and old civi-friends while enjoying some good grub and drinks at the "after party" at the Jefferson Tap & Grill....

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23 January, 2011
By xavier
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We’re preparing a CiviCRM developer camp in Brussels on February 3rd and 4th – right before FOSDEM 2011 and Drupal Days. Developer Camps are a place where CiviCRM developers, administrators and users can get together around CiviCRM.


We’d like you to let us know what you want to see at the camp by commenting on the wiki page. The developer camp is aimed at those that want to learn more about CiviCRM from the people involved in its development. If you are interested in improving your CiviCRM admin skills, learning more about developing with CiviCRM or helping improve the product in any other way, then this camp is for you. FOSDEM meetings are recognized as ‘The best Free Software and Open Source events in Europe’ and participation is free, so coming to Brussels for the FOSDEM weekend might be a...

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12 January, 2011
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Last year, we (NETivism) implemented several CiviCRM instances into several local NGOs in Taiwan, including NCF, LCA, BCSD, Din, and eball.tw. But in this process, we knew the limitation of our understanding of CiviCRM and the challenge of localization(interface and workflow). So we are going to have an internal trainging session (all day) for our staffs and partners(about 9 ppls) in January 18th, 2011. I will use the FLOSS manual and slides from http://wiki.civicrm.org/confluence/display/CRM/CiviCRM+Training as our resources. If you have any suggestion. Please let me know. Thanks!!

04 December, 2010
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As many of you know, the next DrupalCon will be in Chicago this coming March. Last April we held a number of CiviCRM events - including our first "CiviCon" - in conjunction with DrupalCon SF. That turned out to be a good strategy as quite a few developers, consultants and users took advantage of the opportunity to attend both CiviCRM and Drupal events. We're planning something similar next March in Chicago. We'll hold user and developer / implementor training sessions in March 5-6th, followed by the CiviCon conference on March 7th.

CiviCon will bring together users and developers of CiviCRM to discuss the latest developments in our project, share experiences, see some of the cool things folks are doing with CiviCRM, and help steer the future.

We are looking for folks to submit session proposals - so if you have a topic you want to discuss or present, add it to...

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30 November, 2010
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When Kami Griffiths at TechSoup approached us a few months back about doing an introduction to CiviCRM webinar, I was happy to jump in. However I had no idea what a great opportunity this would be. We recruited a long time user and supporter - Jeff Porter of the Foundation for Prader-Willi Research to share their experiences implementing and using CiviCRM. A few days before the session, Kami led us in a walk-through. This was very helpful and led me to completely revamp my outline and slides to focus more on examples and "real-life solutions".

Despite a few glitches (mostly me having some problems getting my audio loud enough) the webinar turned out to be quite successful. We had more than 170 folks "attending" and asking questions at a furious rate on the chat channel (good thing we had fast-fingers Lobo answering questions on the chat). Given that we only had an hour, we covered a lot of ground and...

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