01 September, 2010
By kurund
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CiviCRM Trainings / Code Sprint:

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09 July, 2010
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Following on from our training camps last summer, we are very pleased to announce another two training events in London this September/October. The first is aimed at users and administrators, and the second is aimed at integrators, implementors and developers.

We'll have folks from around CiviLand joining us for these trainings (Archduke Lobo, Grand High Wizard Dave Greenberg, and more) so you'll be learning from the experts.

We received lots of positive feedback about the camps last year and the 'training team' have put a fair amount of work into improving the content of these trainings based on people's feedback. You can see the planned agenda on the event pages, and you're welcome to add specific items that you would like to see covered on the event Wiki pages.

Both events are at the end of September, and for the really keen they'll be followed by a 4 day code sprint (details to follow but please get in touch if you would like to play a part in shaping...

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13 April, 2010
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Heading back from NTEN's national conference in Atlanta Saturday evening - both tired and stimulated. I was one of 1,500 non-profit "tech" folks (they come in all shapes and sizes btw). CiviCRM (and open source in generally) are clearly more on the radar at NTC each year - despite the bombardment of logos, banners and booths by the large commercial closed source vendors. My week started with a side-trip to NYC. Combining a family visit with work - I spent a fun and productive day with Kyle Jaster and the rayogram gang working out some of the transition issues for the upcoming layout and style changes for 3.2 (blog on this coming soon - but you can preview work in progress on the sandbox site).

User Training

Then off to Atlanta to conduct a pre-conference full-day CiviCRM User Training session. We had a fully booked session - with a pretty wide range of experience - so I was thrilled to have... Read more
25 March, 2010
By ds505
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Are you new to CiviCRM?
Have you heard about CiviCRM and are wondering how it can assist your nonprofit?
Do you want to move away from constituent relationship software that has recurring licensing fees?

The "Getting Started with CiviCRM Workshop" might be worth checking out. This is an open 1.5-hour Webinar where you will be given a guided tour of CiviCRM and its out-of-the-box functionality (CiviMember, CiviEvent, CiviContribute, CiviGrant, and CiviMail).

  • Live, online/virtual training by an experienced CiviCRM consultant and developer
  • Submit questions prior to the session
  • Attend and receive complementary one-on-one Q&A follow-up session (30 min)
  • Talk directly to the instructor
  • Get answers to those nagging questions and concerns
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25 February, 2010
By shot
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In a month, on March 25th and 26th, FairSay invites you all to Oxford, UK to join us for a two-track CiviCRM/Drupal and Plone Campaigning Camp (free with lunch and tea break included!).

We’ll be planning, improving and developing campaigning tools like CiviEngage, Drupal’s Activism module and Plone’s Megaphone and eCampaigning Tool (as well as discussing potential CiviCRM/Plone bridging possibilities) – do consider joining us now and shaping the camp on the event’s wiki pages.

For the CiviCRM part, Michael McAndrew and Piotr Szotkowski will be there to also discuss any of your CiviCRM development needs. Register here...

08 January, 2010
By lobo
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We have quite a few paid training events lined up for this year. You can read some of the reports on prior trainings on our blog. Participants who have attended these trainings have remarked as to how much it has helped demystify CiviCRM for them (and their clients). Learn some valuable tips and tricks from the core CiviCRM developers and help the project! We offer a User training mainly for the CiviCRM end user / newbie, an integrator training for the CiviCRM administrator and a developer training for folks who want to extend and customize CiviCRM. Our current training schedule is: Read more
06 January, 2010
By shot
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We're preparing a CiviCRM developer camp in Brussels on February 8th and 9th – right after FOSDEM 2010. Developer Camps are a place where CiviCRM developers, administrator and users can get together around CiviCRM. We'd like you to let us know what you want to see at the camp by commenting on the wiki page.

The developer camp is aimed at those that want to learn more about CiviCRM from the people involved in its development. If you are interested in improving your CiviCRM admin skills, learning more about developing with CiviCRM or helping improve the product in any other way, then this camp is for you.

FOSDEM meetings are recognized as "The best Free Software and Open Source events in Europe" and participation is free, so coming to Brussels for the FOSDEM weekend might be a very good idea (Xavier Dutoit, Michael...

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23 November, 2009
A passionate posse of folks interested in advancing the state of non-profit software gathered this week at the Non-profit Software Development Summit. CiviCRM was a sponsor of the event which featured a full "track" of Civi-related events. Some civ-highlights from the conference:
  • Helping some current users solve problems and get up to speed on more advance features in the CiviCRM 201 session. Our community does pretty amazing things in the "cloud" - but I really love having opportunities to interact with users and integrators and developers "live and in person". The feedback on 3.0 usability improvements (especially the new navigation menu) was super positive and very gratifying.
  • Participating in Lobo's "action-packed" 60 minute session on...
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09 November, 2009
By xavier
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Hi all,

Following the success of the UK developer camp and meetup this summer, Michael, the Polish team of CiviCRM (Michał and Piotr) and myself have been discussing about organising one in Brussels.

We have chosen to organise it just before or after FOSDEM, that will happen this year on the 6th and 7th of February 2010.

This event is an opportunity where CiviCRM developers, administrator and users from the UK and Europe can get together around CiviCRM – and we’d like you to tell us what you want to see at the camp.

The developer camp is aimed at those that want to learn more about CiviCRM from the people involved in its development. If you are interested in improving your CiviCRM admin skills, learning more about developing with CiviCRM or helping improve the product in any other way, then this camp is for you.

We’ll also be holding a user meet up and CiviCRM showcase as part of this event. For both the...

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28 October, 2009
By mallory
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Constituent Relationship Management for Civic Sector (CiviCRM) - Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced The Grassroots Use of Technology Conference was held in Boston, Massachusets on the Northeastern University campus on October 16-17, 2009. The 10th Annual GUTC had nearly 200 registrants participating in 22 workshops. Organizers of the conference said that the objectives outlined by sponsors, participants, keynote speakers, and organizers were met. Speakers such as Roberto Lovato of the Basta Dobbs! campaign[0] and Richard O'Bryant gave participants a sense of urgency in their online campaigns. Workshops and plenary sessions alike presented topics relating to action and mobilization for grassroots and base-building organizations. Hosted by the Organizers' Collaborative, the Grassroots Use of Technology conference[1] brings together a broad coalition of individual organizers and non-profit, academic and... Read more