27 January, 2011
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CiviCon 2011 is shaping up to be an awesome event. The session line-up includes exciting case studies, CiviMail best practices for implementors, security session for developers, "ask the experts" panel and lots more.

March 7, 12 noon - 6pm
After party 6pm - whenever!

TechNexus - 200 S. Wacker Drive (in downtown Chicago)

Our local sponsors - Emphanos LLC and SNTial Technologies have lined up a great venue - the TechNexus conference center - conveniently located in downtown Chicago. After the main event we'll have a chance to kick back with new and old civi-friends while enjoying some good grub and drinks at the "after party" at the Jefferson Tap & Grill....

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23 January, 2011
By xavier
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We’re preparing a CiviCRM developer camp in Brussels on February 3rd and 4th – right before FOSDEM 2011 and Drupal Days. Developer Camps are a place where CiviCRM developers, administrators and users can get together around CiviCRM.


We’d like you to let us know what you want to see at the camp by commenting on the wiki page. The developer camp is aimed at those that want to learn more about CiviCRM from the people involved in its development. If you are interested in improving your CiviCRM admin skills, learning more about developing with CiviCRM or helping improve the product in any other way, then this camp is for you. FOSDEM meetings are recognized as ‘The best Free Software and Open Source events in Europe’ and participation is free, so coming to Brussels for the FOSDEM weekend might be a...

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12 January, 2011
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Last year, we (NETivism) implemented several CiviCRM instances into several local NGOs in Taiwan, including NCF, LCA, BCSD, Din, and eball.tw. But in this process, we knew the limitation of our understanding of CiviCRM and the challenge of localization(interface and workflow). So we are going to have an internal trainging session (all day) for our staffs and partners(about 9 ppls) in January 18th, 2011. I will use the FLOSS manual and slides from http://wiki.civicrm.org/confluence/display/CRM/CiviCRM+Training as our resources. If you have any suggestion. Please let me know. Thanks!!

04 December, 2010
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As many of you know, the next DrupalCon will be in Chicago this coming March. Last April we held a number of CiviCRM events - including our first "CiviCon" - in conjunction with DrupalCon SF. That turned out to be a good strategy as quite a few developers, consultants and users took advantage of the opportunity to attend both CiviCRM and Drupal events. We're planning something similar next March in Chicago. We'll hold user and developer / implementor training sessions in March 5-6th, followed by the CiviCon conference on March 7th.

CiviCon will bring together users and developers of CiviCRM to discuss the latest developments in our project, share experiences, see some of the cool things folks are doing with CiviCRM, and help steer the future.

We are looking for folks to submit session proposals - so if you have a topic you want to discuss or present, add it to...

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30 November, 2010
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When Kami Griffiths at TechSoup approached us a few months back about doing an introduction to CiviCRM webinar, I was happy to jump in. However I had no idea what a great opportunity this would be. We recruited a long time user and supporter - Jeff Porter of the Foundation for Prader-Willi Research to share their experiences implementing and using CiviCRM. A few days before the session, Kami led us in a walk-through. This was very helpful and led me to completely revamp my outline and slides to focus more on examples and "real-life solutions".

Despite a few glitches (mostly me having some problems getting my audio loud enough) the webinar turned out to be quite successful. We had more than 170 folks "attending" and asking questions at a furious rate on the chat channel (good thing we had fast-fingers Lobo answering questions on the chat). Given that we only had an hour, we covered a lot of ground and...

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01 October, 2010
By xavier

Hi all,


For the training in london, we wanted a simple example that illustrates how to customise and improve civicrm for specific usages using the ajax interface. I'm sharing the result with you, hoping you will find it useful.

One common workflow we have is to change the status of an activity from "scheduled" to "complete". The default way is to click on edit, go to the full form, change the status, save, and go back to the list of activities

We are going to improve it with a "one click click complete": on the list of activities, we transform the status column into an action (when "scheduled"), and when I click on it, it changes it to Completed, without changing screen. For that, we are using the ajax interface and the activity api....

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01 September, 2010
By kurund
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CiviCRM Trainings / Code Sprint:

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09 July, 2010
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Following on from our training camps last summer, we are very pleased to announce another two training events in London this September/October. The first is aimed at users and administrators, and the second is aimed at integrators, implementors and developers.

We'll have folks from around CiviLand joining us for these trainings (Archduke Lobo, Grand High Wizard Dave Greenberg, and more) so you'll be learning from the experts.

We received lots of positive feedback about the camps last year and the 'training team' have put a fair amount of work into improving the content of these trainings based on people's feedback. You can see the planned agenda on the event pages, and you're welcome to add specific items that you would like to see covered on the event Wiki pages.

Both events are at the end of September, and for the really keen they'll be followed by a 4 day code sprint (details to follow but please get in touch if you would like to play a part in shaping...

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13 April, 2010
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Heading back from NTEN's national conference in Atlanta Saturday evening - both tired and stimulated. I was one of 1,500 non-profit "tech" folks (they come in all shapes and sizes btw). CiviCRM (and open source in generally) are clearly more on the radar at NTC each year - despite the bombardment of logos, banners and booths by the large commercial closed source vendors. My week started with a side-trip to NYC. Combining a family visit with work - I spent a fun and productive day with Kyle Jaster and the rayogram gang working out some of the transition issues for the upcoming layout and style changes for 3.2 (blog on this coming soon - but you can preview work in progress on the sandbox site).

User Training

Then off to Atlanta to conduct a pre-conference full-day CiviCRM User Training session. We had a fully booked session - with a pretty wide range of experience - so I was thrilled to have... Read more
25 March, 2010
By ds505
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Are you new to CiviCRM?
Have you heard about CiviCRM and are wondering how it can assist your nonprofit?
Do you want to move away from constituent relationship software that has recurring licensing fees?

The "Getting Started with CiviCRM Workshop" might be worth checking out. This is an open 1.5-hour Webinar where you will be given a guided tour of CiviCRM and its out-of-the-box functionality (CiviMember, CiviEvent, CiviContribute, CiviGrant, and CiviMail).

  • Live, online/virtual training by an experienced CiviCRM consultant and developer
  • Submit questions prior to the session
  • Attend and receive complementary one-on-one Q&A follow-up session (30 min)
  • Talk directly to the instructor
  • Get answers to those nagging questions and concerns
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