Monday, January 13, 2014 - 21:47
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We've marked a new release of civix. Notable changes/improvements:

  • generate:case-type - Add a new command to generate skeletal CiviCase XML files. (As usual, the new command is documented in the wiki page, "Create a Module Extension".)
  • generate:module - Add support for generating license metadata by passing parameters "--license", "--author", and "--email". The information will be propagated to info.xml and LICENSE.txt.
  • generate:module - Add hook stub for hook_civicrm_alterSettingsFolders so that files in "settings/*.setting.php" are automatically loaded.
  • generate:module - Add hook stub for hook_civicrm_caseTypes so that files in "xml/case/*.xml" are automatically loaded.
  • Add documentation links for hooks (using "@link").
  • Reformat civix's internal source code based on CiviCRM's coding conventions.

To download the latest version of civix, grab the tarball from or update your civix git repository.

v14.01 introduces some changes to the templates. Previously-created extensions will continue to work without modification, but some new features may not work unless you update the code in your extension. For instructions, see

Please feel free to report any issues with the new release.


What I did previously was to hardcode the author+licence in my src/CRM/CivixBundle/Builder/Info.php

Is there a way to cleanly have a config file to contains these instead of having to specify them in the command line with your improvements?

Perhaps we could do ? The settings would be stored in ~/.civix/civix.ini .

Great work as always ;)

Thanks for the update. It is great to see new documentation for hook_civicrm_alterSettingsFolders as well.