CiviCRM meetup/introductory seminar in Leeds

2012-06-25 09:31
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I've been working in cooperation with two other providers of tech services in the Yorkshire region of the UK over the last few months to establish a programme whereby we can build some awareness among third sector organisations in our part of the world about the potential of CRM as a concept and the existence of CiviCRM as an affordable means of implementing a CRM strategy in their organisations.

The first manifestation of this work will be an afternoon meetup/seminar on July 13th, enabling interested organisations to come together to learn more, take a no-obligation peek at CiviCRM and get a feel for the sort of benefits that a decent CRM tool can potentially deliver.

In addition we are hoping that anyone in the North of England who is already involved with CiviCRM in some way - be it as an end user, adminstrator, developer or other - will also join us for this first meetup in this part of the world. 

For more information and to sign up, please go to The event is free to attend, and we are grateful to Social Enterprise Yorkshire & Humber for hosting the event.

I am hopeful that we can get enough people along to make this a fairly regular quarterly get together and establish it over time as part of the emerging cycle of UK meetups that are happening in London, Bristol and more recently Manchester. 

So please come along and spread the word to help us create a successful event.



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