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2009-01-26 01:14
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As you know, CiviCRM collects informations about the installations, like numbers of contacts, what modules are used.

I'm wondering if you would find useful to have more statistics in a new reporting screen on your installation (beside the numbers of records, knowing how many are tagged, have a postal address, have a phone, have relationships...).

On the CiviCRM we've installed, we always have the same questions about how good the contacts are, if all the contact informations are there, are correct, and if they are well qualified (they belong to a group or more, they are properly tagged...). There is also often a question about how often they are used/updated, and who are the most active users in the staff/volunteers (who adds new contacts, update them).

The idea would be to have a simple report that contains all that, ideally how it evolves over time.

However, you will have informations like 30% of the contacts don't have a postal address and 54% have a phone. This doesn't tell you how good it is compared to other.

On google analytics, they offer to compare your own stats with other sites. Likewise, CiviCRM could collect a little bit more information than they do today and allow to compare your results with the other installations (the average). Of course, the informations should and are already collected anonymously, and that's only aggregates informations that are shared.

What do you think ? Whould this benchmark feature be something you use ?

Would your organisation be willing to fund part of the development ?


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