Is symfony in harmony?

Fair warning, this post is intended to the technical part of our community, if you don't care about the architecture of civi, please skip this one, I'll come back to you soon with awesome datavisualisation and an interview of Micah about ssl (you'll like it).

And if you read anyway, I'm a bit of a drama queen and some of the mountains I describes are probably hills, at best.

SEPA & CiviCRM: Makes raising funds easy(ier) in Europe

As most not-for-profit that wants to collect online donations or has a membership base, you probably have the opportunity to have more donors giving small amounts on a monthly basis, but you have not been able to explore it given the high fees on credit cards transactions. If your organisation is based in Europe, SEPA is offering you this option.


CiviCRM from node.js helps you make friends


Node.js allows to run javascript on the server and is great for real time applications when you want to have lots of users and connections at the same time

I wrote a node module to easily connect to a civicrm server from that node.js. I found a cool module that makes it easy to generate names, addresses, phone number and emails and hacked a quick example of how civi can be used from node.js.

Without further intro:


Imaginary friends on CiviCRM

Usability focus at the code sprint: an API with mustache edits in place and html fragments!


The code sprint in London has finished yesterday. It's always a pleasure to see old civi friends and meet new ones. Thanks to Michael and Katy to have organized it. Time for a quick update of what I've been working on with the most obscure title I could find. My focus has been on usuability to make civicrm easier and faster to use.