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November 9, 2009
By xavier Filed under Meetups, Training

Hi all,

Following the success of the UK developer camp and meetup this summer, Michael, the Polish team of CiviCRM (Michał and Piotr) and myself have been discussing about organising one in Brussels.

We have chosen to organise it just before or after FOSDEM, that will happen this year on the 6th and 7th of February 2010.

This event is an opportunity where CiviCRM developers, administrator and users from the UK and Europe can get together around CiviCRM – and we’d like you to tell us what you want to see at the camp.

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July 11, 2009
By xavier Filed under v2.3
You might want to display more information that those that are assigned by default in the template. My goal was to have a simple way of retrieving more information from civicrm than the ones available in the template, without having to modify the php code . For instance, I used it to display all the employees of an organisation from the profile that displays the organisation, or to display a list ofother contacts that live in the same country than the contact you're viewing. In London in the last training, we discussed about displaying the activities directly in the contact summary tab for instance.
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March 24, 2009
By xavier Filed under v2.2

A quick braindump:

Profile are a great way of simplifying the interface and provide more focussed forms, but some of the goodies of the normal edit form are gone. For instance, the employer isn't anymore an autocomplete field. luckily, with the REST interface and a jquery autocomplete plugin, that's a few lines to add to make it work:

add on the templates/CRM/Profile/Form/Edit.tpl

{if $session->get('userID') > 0} {literal} jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
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February 13, 2009
By xavier Filed under CiviCRM
On every installation, you need to categorise your contacts, by what they are (journalists, volunteers, members of your organisations, big donors, politicians...), by what they are interested in (a specific topic, a specific region, age group, type of activity you offer...), by how you interact with them (do they receive your mailing list ? are they invited to your next event....)
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January 26, 2009
By xavier Filed under CiviCRM


As you know, CiviCRM collects informations about the installations, like numbers of contacts, what modules are used.

I'm wondering if you would find useful to have more statistics in a new reporting screen on your installation (beside the numbers of records, knowing how many are tagged, have a postal address, have a phone, have relationships...).

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December 9, 2008
By xavier Filed under v2.2, CiviCRM
Hello everyone, Tags are a powerful way of organising contacts, and you can use them to add topics of interest, type of organisations, type of donors... as you might already have discovered, you can quickly get a lot of them, and it becomes quite difficult to use them properly as soon as you have more than an handful.
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