How to Improve Internal Processes within Organization

2019-08-29 07:53
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What’s the Purpose?

CiviCRM has been used within NGO’s and non-profits for organizing its internal processes and policies. Sometimes it might be difficult to access CiviCRM and use all its benefits. Thus, Agiliway has released the native mobile application known as CiviMobile for more convenient use. It integrates the databases within CiviCRM giving opportunity to organize a working day on the go. In this way, when an employee is using the transport, having a lunch break, or waiting in the line, one can quickly handle all tasks and subtasks by means of the graphical calendar. Using CiviMobile on hand boosts productivity and saves a significant amount of time.

How to Use?

The graphical calendar is one of the most useful features in the app used for planning activities and cases. This means that employees can better plan their short-term and long-term activities with the opportunity to filter the data. Thus, to plan a working day with CiviMobile, you may:

  • Handle activities. Not only you can see tasks you are assigned to, but also you can edit and create a new activity to the case. Users can review activity details including the type, priority, and status whether it’s available, completed, or canceled. For instance, imagine you visit the conference and you want to schedule a group meeting instantly as your project deadline is close. As a manager, you can simply create a new activity and schedule a meet-up reaching out your colleagues in no time. The assigned roles can also check the description of the meeting and prepare themselves with the list of relevant questions and ideas. Before the very meet-up, employees would receive a notification to be on time. In another case, if a specific educational reform is to be implemented, the manager can invite other members and create an activity to discuss curriculum and relevant ideas.

  • Distinguish the timelines of the activity and sub-activities within cases in the graphical calendar. With the help of the friendly color indicator, users can differentiate types of activities one is performing: the green circle signifies the future event, the red color identifies sub activities within cases, and the yellow one - the activity itself. For example, if you are planning the weekly agenda, you can simply view the calendar and check which activities you should perform and which cases you are assigned to. It allows you to organize your schedule so you don’t need to use any google calendar or paper notes.
  • Review all the cases including its type, status, and participants. You can view all the cases assigned to you at the current moment and see who else is also responsible for a specific case. In addition, you can apply filter by sorting cases by date, role, and type. For instance, you as a manager hired the employee on remote basis and you wish to track his/her progress dynamics. Assigning a specific task within multi-level project, you can check one’s activity status and control the timelines. Your subject can simply tick whether he is still working on the task or he has completed it.
  • Ability to receive push notifications about the activities and cases. You can get reminders about the activities, which were assigned to you or the very event you were invited or created by you. For example, you registered at the Project Management Conference before the very event. CiviMobile calendar can serve as a perfect reminder of the professional events, which you wish to attend and further improve your skills. At the settings, you can set the reminder before the beginning of the event and check further details at the description.

What’s the Value?

CiviMobile involving all functional features of CiviCRM is a great tool for organization to coordinate internal processes and achieve the best performance. With the convenient and simple interface, this mobile app brings value in boosting employee’s stamina and discipline. Planning working activities and cases becomes easier with a CiviMobile tool you can use anytime and anywhere.


Anonymous (not verified)
2019-09-03 - 06:13

Look cool indeed.

To connect via a mobile does a user need a special permission in Drupal ?

To connect via mobile user need "View my profile" and "CiviCRM access" permissions.

Looks fantastic and the demo is very polished.

I've tried installing on wp, but there is a link at the end of the guidance for a CiviCRM WP REST API Wrapper plugin but there don't appear to be any releases on the github page? How do I complete this final step?

thanks in advance

Thanks for the link - moved forward a step, but it now says the extension is too old.

CiviCRM 5.16.3 / WP 5.2.3 / php 7.2.19 / CiviMobileAPI 4.1 / CiviCRM REST API 0.1 / CiviCRM API fix 1.0.0

The demo is very polished and impressive.

I have tried to install to wp and everything seems ok except I can't find a release version for the civicrm-wp-rest plugin listed at the end of the instruction and the mobile app throws an 'unknown exception' when I try to access my civicrm.

Also - should the url be the toplevel, i.e. https:/ or the wp admin page 

thanks in advance



I left a URL in previous comment.

The URL should be just a top level, but if you have a CiviCRM installed in subfolder or subdomain the URL should be to your civicrm website (not CRM admin)