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Extensions are installable packages which give CiviCRM new functionality, and this directory provides a centralized list of extensions which the CiviCRM community has created. This listing displays CiviCRM extensions that work on all Content Management Systems (CMS).

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As well as extensions that install within CiviCRM and work on all CMSs listed below, you can browse directories of integrations that are made specifically for:

The TimeTracker extension is a CiviCRM component that enables new project functionality for CiviCRM and CiviMobile.

TimeTracker is CiviCRM extension that helps users create projects, add tasks for them, assign performers and generate time spent reports. It allows us to create several task types and use them in Task creation. Its functionality enables the possibility of time tracking within the chosen project. In addition, you can have a detailed report of personnel workload and volunteers’ engagement. It is also working with CiviMobile where user can view project, assign himself/herself to task, log time for assigned task.

You can assign contacts to a certain project and give them the opportunity to choose a task they want to do. A person assigned to a project can take on more than one task.

For better management we added two new roles: Owner and Manager. As a user with restricted permission can only assign himself to task and log time, while Manager of project has extra ability to create tasks and Owner can edit current project.

This extension and it’s mobile version can be useful for an organization that wants to be on the track with employees/volunteers workload, have a better understanding of budget for certain project and arrange project related tasks.
Current Usage:
This extension provides a generic way creating a message queue. This message queue could then be used
by other systems to retrieve changes from CiviCRM.
For example we can have a change message queue for submitting changes to an Outlook 365 address book. Every time a name of
a contact or its e-mail address is changed. A message is added to queue. Outlook 365 can then read message by message to process the
For developers it good to know that the queue used could be extended so that for example you can push the messages to RabbitMQ.
(RabbitMQ is an implementation of a message queue).
By default this extension comes with a CiviCRM Database Queue. This queue could be read with the API ChangeMessageQueue.get
Current Usage:
Simple conversion tracking for your contribution and event pages.

The idea is that information from CiviCRM thank you pages should be made available when a transaction has been successfully completed.
Current Usage:
This extension provides a set of Actions for CiviRules. These Actions enable integration to a process engine capable of executing long running business processes. Process "flows" may orchestrate both the internal CiviCRM APIs and also external APIs to loosely coupled systems.

The initial Alpha release will provide REST Actions to a Python container within the same docker environment (for security reasons). A fully functional Docker image for each CMS will be available for download from the repo, to make evaluation as simple as possible. For production environments, additional steps will be required to ensure security. You are strongly advised to seek help from a CiviCRM partner or cyber security expert before running this in a live environment.

Eventually we plan to provide some example Python flows, admin forms to view audit trails and manage Running, Completed, Faulted and Archived process instances.

For more help, ping us an email: support@encircle.co.uk.
Current Usage:
This extension adds the possibility to create a portal user from a contact.
The portal user itself does not do anything except registering in the database that this user should have a login at an
external portal.
Current Usage:
Example implementation of `hook_civicrm_alterPaymentProcessorParams()`

Includes the following examples:
- For Drupal9 Webform and Stripe Checkout: Restrict the available payment method types depending on the webform that is used.
Current Usage:
Create your own tokens with SearchKit.
Current Usage:
This extension allow you to choose another template and write a specific text for the email in the action "Make Thank-you Letters" of Contributions.
Current Usage:
Adds a system status check listing contributions with total amounts that don't match the line item totals.
Current Usage:
This is the early beginnings of a new theme for CiviCRM. It's an ambitious project and you're welcome to get involved. Look out for communications on this soon.
Current Usage:
The sole purpose of this CiviCRM extension is to adjust a contribution activity's date if the receive date of the contribution has changed.

See also: https://issues.civicrm.org/jira/browse/CRM-17961
Current Usage: