Make It Happen update for 4.4

As we gear up to work on our next major milestone release CiviCRM 4.4, there's been a considerable excitement within the team for our MIH campaign. We believe the new features and new improvements to existing features outlined for 4.4 definitely will add value to the CiviCRM software.

Based on our project plan, the fundraising deadline for the MIHs is 16th of June - that is just under two weeks away.

Taking a stock of where we stand as of today, I want to share the progress of MIH campaign 2013


Improvements to the Export Interface are in the works

Two aspects of CiviCRM’s broad roadmap involve improving the user interface and adopting a flexible form builder, both of which are well underway. In some cases, there’s overlap in the end product in that work on one or the other results in an overall better user experience. That’s the case with work that’s currently underway that addresses CiviCRM’s export interface.

Export Interface Overhaul


We’re chipping away at areas of inflexibility in CiviCRM and have a vision where users can build interfaces on the fly thanks to Form Builder. One area that has plagued users for some time is the export screen. Sure, it works great… you can grab a huge number of fields pretty quickly.

Revising the Contributor Log - Enter Gitlab

A few years ago we undertook an effort to capture “contributions” to CiviCRM via a contributor log. As you can imagine, this was and is an imperfect attempt to capture information on who is doing what and when. It’s a difficult task given that community members support CiviCRM in many different ways and through many different channels, including Gitlab, MatterMost, and Stack Exchange to name a few. 

Herita vzw

A member organization such as Herita needs an efficient public website and a CRM system that supports and makes member work easy. Calibrate made this possible with an advanced link between Drupal 8 and CiviCRM. Despite the strict deadline of 3 months lead time, we managed to achieve this successfully. Take a look at our case (Dutch) and discover how the Calibrators got this done!

To quote Margit Bal, Managing Director of Herita