Make It Happen update for 4.4

As we gear up to work on our next major milestone release CiviCRM 4.4, there's been a considerable excitement within the team for our MIH campaign. We believe the new features and new improvements to existing features outlined for 4.4 definitely will add value to the CiviCRM software.

Based on our project plan, the fundraising deadline for the MIHs is 16th of June - that is just under two weeks away.

Taking a stock of where we stand as of today, I want to share the progress of MIH campaign 2013


Using CiviRules for a Petition Journey at Amnesty International Vlaanderen

At Amnesty International Vlaanderen we are starting a Petition Journey. The aim is to improve the engagement of people that sign a petition for the first time as their first point of contact with Amnesty. We then would like to send them an email with a survey immediately, and then for 5 weeks an email each week. One will be informing with a video link, one will be an invitation to register for an event in the same campaign, one will be to invite them to sign another petition etc.

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