Managing Webinars with CiviCRM

2020-07-17 12:51
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With the new reality of living with Covid-19, it is difficult to host in-person meetings. At Plastic Pollution Coalition, we used to host in-person coalition meetings in several cities as a way for people to learn and network with others in their community. In June, we transitioned to doing webinars. Although it's difficult for people to network during webinars, we can still continue sharing best practices and have a dialogue with our community.

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More Greetings - Personalised Strings for all Contacts 1.1.0

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<?xml version="1.0"?>
<extension key="de.systopia.moregreetings" type="module">
<name>More Greeting Options</name>
<description>Extension to allow additional, customised greetings</description>
<url desc="Main Extension Page"></url>
<url desc="Documentation"></url>
<url desc="Support"></url>
<url desc="Licensing"></url>