Mosaico for Reminders


It’s no surprise that Mosaico has rapidly grown to be the most popular extension for CiviCRM; it brings huge improvements to CiviCRM’s mailing capabilities, allowing users to create stunning emails via a drag and drop editor while leveraging the group and token functionality within CiviCRM. Still, there is a long list of improvements to make that would enhance the CiviCRM + Mosaico integration (we’re starting to flesh many of these out here).

Project Financials added to CiviCRM Stats Page

It’s been a long time coming, but we finally managed to post the Core Team’s financials online in a format that not only shows where we’re at but also breaks down our income and expenses over the past 12 months. We’ve maintained project stats online for some time at so it made sense to just add a new tab there. Check it out here. The financials are currently updated each month, and we’ll continue to expand on them as we have capacity.

Safety Institute of Victoria

The Safety Institute of Australia is the national association for the health and safety profession. Its vision is for safe and healthy workers in productive workplaces, and we pursue this vision by working to build the skills, knowledge and capability of the health and safety profession, and being a voice for that profession.