Mosaico Extension v2.0-beta3, etal

During the month of November, we made a concerted effort to stabilize the CiviCRM-Mosaico extension -- addressing several bugs, installation issues, missing features, and testing processes. I'm happy to announce a new beta releases of the Mosaico and FlexMailer extensions for CiviCRM. The updates include ~160 commits from ~15 contributors.


Where to Stay

Prices are approximate based on research, but you may be able to do better depending on deals, discounts, etc.

Click on each link to see the hotel location mapped with the route to the Science Center.



The Connecticut Science Center is located at 250 Columbus Boulevard, Hartford, CT, and is easily reached by road or public transport.  It's right next to the Connecticut Convention Center, just a 0.8 mile walk from the Hartford Station on Union Place, or take the free "dash" downtown shuttle which stops at both the Convention Center and Hartford Station. It operates 7 AM to 7 PM on weekdays.

Heart's Home USA

Heart’s Home USA is an international Catholic organization which fosters a culture of compassion at centers in 22 countries and across five continents. Their global network is comprised of volunteers who serve as missionaries to the disadvantaged and socially isolated. The accessibility of information for their staff, provided via CiviCRM, has been a huge improvement for the organization.

Denver Ballet Guild

The Denver Ballet Guild supports and celebrates the beauty and power of dance by encouraging interest in ballet and other forms of dance. The organization is managed exclusively by volunteers, who promote dance at all levels and conduct annual fundraising activities to support the dance community. CiviCRM has been the solution to consolidate programs into one database and to streamline the membership process that is complicated and segmented into several groups.

CiviCamp Brussels 2018

User Conference

Join us on Monday 5 February 2018 for a one-day CiviCRM user conference.

This is the opportunity to meet the CiviCRM community and share experiences and knowledge with other organizations using CiviCRM.


Seismological Society of America

Tadpole Collective helped SSA integrate CiviCRM into their existing website, and then led multiple follow-on projects: implementing single sign-on feature for their members and redesigning their WordPress Theme (in collaboration with LB Design). The final phase of this project will replace the last of SSA’s embedded FilemakerPro code with native WordPress+CiviCRM functionality, eliminating the last of their legacy applications.

Village Zendo

The Village Zendo is a community of people in New York City who practice together in the Soto Zen tradition. They offer instruction, dharma talks, retreats, workshops and more at their lower Manhattan sanctuary.