Where to Stay

Prices are approximate based on research, but you may be able to do better depending on deals, discounts, etc.

Click on each link to see the hotel location mapped with the route to the Science Center.

The Month-Long Freeze and Giving Some Love to the RC's

The 4.7.24 release is scheduled for the first Wednesday of September. Ordinarily, there would be an announcement about the release-candidate (RC) in mid-August, but we're doing something a bit different this time around -- extending the RC to a full month, which mean the RC is available now at Testing out the RC is a great way to ensure that your systems will continue to work in the next release. Let me talk about how this change helps.

Submit Session Proposal to CiviCamp Hartford

We are looking for community members to present on various topics and capacities. Sessions will include presentations on specific topics or case studies, panel discussions/roundtables, overview sessions on CiviCRM features and Lightning Talks (quick 5-8 minute presentations). Topics are arranged into the following three presentation tracks.  

We will have separate extension showcase sessions. In this session you could demonstrate your extension to the CiviCRM Community.

How would your audience interact with Civi? Select any that apply? Users manage data and make use of CiviCRM features. Implementers build, configure and administer CiviCRM instances for their own or other organizations. Developers write CiviCRM code, build extensions or program websites at a deep technical level.