Security release: CiviCRM 4.7.26 and 4.6.33. Monthly release 4.7.27

CiviCRM 4.7.26, 4.6.33 and 4.7.27

Please note that 4.6.33, 4.7.26, and 4.7.27 are security releases. All releases include the latest security fixes, and 4.7.27 includes additional bug fixes and enhancements (as a typical monthly release).

Please see below links to the security advisories:

Denver Office of Strategic Partnerships

The Denver Office of Strategic Partnerships (DOSP) was founded to serve as a bridge between the City of Denver and the non-profit sector. The agency focuses on building individual skills and tools for non-profit and City agency staff in order to encourage the creation of cross-sector partnerships. Similar to many organizations who have transitioned to CiviCRM, DOSP was initially using Excel spreadsheets to store their data.

Italy–America Chamber of Commerce of Texas

The Italian American Chamber of Commerce of Texas (IACC) provides business related services to Italian companies interested in doing business in the US and to the Italian-American business community in Texas. The chamber hosts Italian delegations in various business sectors and arranges meetings to assist them in finding partners or investment opportunities. They also provide translation and interpretation services for the Italian Consulate, organize networking and business events and advertise employment information to the community.

emPower Central Coast

EmPower was created to help homeowners in the County of Santa Barbara (CA) make energy saving improvements to their homes. The emPower program facilitates home upgrade projects by making them more affordable through incentives, financing, qualified contractors and expert energy advice through visits from an “energy coach”. These visits provide tangible ways for the homeowner to save energy and lower their monthly utility bills. The organization was using spreadsheets to organize data which was cumbersome.

Tiny extension to prevent REST API request being processed when your site is in maintenance mode.

I just published a small extension (funded by Amnesty International Vlaanderen) to prevent the REST API requests still coming through when the site is in maintenance mode.

The extension is CiviCRM native and the structure is based on the CiviCRM User Framework. However, as I have little to no experience with a CMS other than Drupal, I have only implemented the Drupal module. Would be really great if others could add the same trick for the other CMS's!


For Press Freedom (Za slobodu medija)

On September 28th 2017, independent media organizations in Serbia protested the shutting down of Vranjske newspaper after serious political and financial pressure in a campaign called For Press Freedom (Za slobodu medija).

This campaign has since broadened and turned into a public outcry against the chilling of free speech, where majority of independent media organizations have experienced some form of pressure during the previous years.

My experience of the UK CiviCRM 2017 Sprint

Following CiviCon London many of us made our way to Devon for the CiviSprint. 
A group of around 40+ developers, installers and users gathered together for 6 days to work jointly on CiviCRM projects. By coming together in one place, we were able to move projects forward in a way that is challenging when everyone is scattered around the world and involved in their own work and family commitments. The overall aim being to take CiviCRM forward by sharing knowledge.


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Thank You!

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