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CiviRules release 2.0 is available

CiviRules 2.0 is now available for you all!

We (Jaap Jansma, Klaas Eikelboom and me) are about to complete a little CiviRules sprint of 2 days (funded by CiviCooP). We have fixed quite a few issues, closed some that we thought were not applicable any more, introduced a few new conditions and actions and updated the documentation. And we are about to round it off with the new release CiviRules 2.0 and moving our repository to the CiviCRM GitLab server. We expect to do this tonight or tomorrow morning.

Just added a small extension to allow many invoice addresses for a contact based on relationships

I have just published the Invoice Address API (https://civicrm.org/extensions/invoice-address-api).

The development of the extension was funded by Domus Medica vzw. They are a membership organization specifically for GP's (general practitioner) in Flanders and Brussels.


One of the advantages of running this event for a second year is that we got to listen to feedback from last year's attendees about what they wanted to see more of. So this year, we have a whopping 15 sessions, 5 tracks, more nuts and bolts sessions, and longer afternoon sessions that are process-based instead of function-based, meaning that they focus on using Civi to complete a full nonprofit work process from start to finish. Plus we are starting and ending the day a little bit earlier to better accomodate travel arrangements.