CiviCamp San Francisco Bay Area 2018

Discover what CiviCRM is and what it can do for you

This one day event is designed for existing CiviCRM users as well as nonprofit professionals interested in exploring CiviCRM.  We are planning concurrent tracks to address our attendees needs.  We will have presenters exploring topics based on CiviCRM's functionalities and beyond, so you can learn how CiviCRM fits into the fabric of a nonprofit organization.

Contributing to CiviCRM

Last year, we overhauled the CiviCRM contributor program, allowing individuals to submit details about their contributions online as well combined the contributor and partner listing. So far this year, we’ve seen an increase in contributions being logged as well as a new revision to site that improves visibility of contributions. We thought it’d be a good time to recap where the program is at, answer a few common questions, and highlight where we see it going.

CiviCamp Calgary 2018

CiviCamp Calgary 2018

Join us on Tuesday May 22 - 2018 for CiviCamp Calgary - a one day event covering everything related to CiviCRM. Attend CiviCamp and learn about CiviCRM and what it can do for your organization, meet other CiviCRM Users, CiviCRM Partners and CiviCRM Core Team Members and gather their feedback, learn advanced strategies for managing your online database, ask any questions you might have, share tips and build connections! This is the opportunity to meet the CiviCRM community and share experiences and knowledge with other organizations using CiviCRM!

CiviCamp London 2018

Come meet others from the UK who are interested in, using or learning more about CiviCRM.

This exciting CiviCRM conference for 2018 is the first one of it's kind to take place in the London after last years hugely popular CiviCamp Manchester! This one day conference will be of interest to:

Mosaico Extension v2.0-beta3, etal

During the month of November, we made a concerted effort to stabilize the CiviCRM-Mosaico extension -- addressing several bugs, installation issues, missing features, and testing processes. I'm happy to announce a new beta releases of the Mosaico and FlexMailer extensions for CiviCRM. The updates include ~160 commits from ~15 contributors.