CiviCRM 5.35 Release

2021-03-04 06:00
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CiviCRM version 5.35.0 is now out and ready to download. This is a regular monthly release.

Upgrade now for the most stable CiviCRM experience:

Users of the CiviCRM Extended Security Releases (ESR) do not need to upgrade, as there are no ESR-specific bug-fixes or security issues at the moment. The current version of ESR is CiviCRM 5.33.x.

Important announcements and reminders:

  • There will be a security release for 5.35.x on 2021-03-17 (usually towards the end of day). There will also be an ESR 5.33.x release at the same time. Please see security for more information.
  • CiviCRM now requires PHP 7.2. If you are unable to upgrade off PHP 7.1 in the short-term we recommend you consider switching to the ESR.
  • As of CiviCRM 5.33, new CiviCRM installs will use the utf8mb4 database encoding by default (dev/core#339: 18960).
  • As of CiviCRM 5.31, installations on Drupal 8 requires a minimum of Drupal 8.5. Drupal 9 is kind of supported but you may want to keep an eye on the CiviCRM/Drupal issues.
  • As of CiviCRM 5.28, the minimum MySQL supported version is 5.6. MySQL 5.7 and MariaDB up to 10.4 are well tested. MySQL 8 works well too and has test coverage (related issue). More information in the official documentation about system requirements. CiviCRM 5.34 will require a minimum of MySQL 5.7 or MariaDB 10.0.2.

What's new in CiviCRM 5.35

This version changes the database schema, has changes to the API, as well as the usual bugfixes and minor feature improvements.

  • Import: Improve activity import to support updates (Work Towards dev/core#2308: 19439) Ensures when importing activities, activity fields are not required if the activity id is present, so that one can update existing activities via import.
  • SearchKit: better user experience for bulk updates (dev/core#2310: 19425) Adds a batch system to search kit. This avoids server timeouts, and improves the user experience.
  • SearchKit: Add support for multi-record custom field groups (19452)
  • Afform: many improvements, including integration of Afform and SearchKit (19455)
  • CiviContribute: Unhide contributioncancelactions core extension.Makes the Contributioncancelactions extension visible and disabling it supported. (19500)
  • CiviMail: Support tracking URLs with tokens in query strings. This expands tracking support for URLs that include tokens. (dev/mail#81: 19386)
  • CiviMail: Update permissions for "CiviCRM Admin Menu -> Mailings -> Message Templates" nav item (19342)
  • CiviMember: Show disabled membership types on contact tab (19431 and 19594)
  • CiviCase: Custom Field of type Integer that uses Radio Buttons as Input Type in combination with search range scrambles Case Report Search (dev/core#2288: 19339)
  • Core: Adds an is_active field to Country, StateProvince and County elements so that they can be disabled. (Work Towards dev/core#2329: 19448)
  • Search Builder: Enhance UI with Select2 and EntityRef (19471)
  • Api4: many improvements, as usual. Now implements the Pledge API.
  • Api4 and api3: Add "label_field" metadata to entities, because sometimes an entity has a label, title or subject (19504 and 19546)
  • Api4: Add pseudoconstant for Relationship.relationship_type_id, so that APIv3 and APIv4 return option list in standard format, unless legacy "is_form" param is set. (19278)
  • Api3: Add description of order_reference parameter to the Payment API (19449)Api3 Explorer: Fix URL encoding in REST examples (19450)
  • civicrm.settings.php: Adds a define to civicrm.settings.php that speeds up cache flushes by avoiding to scan directories that do not have info files, partials, xml files, etc. (19383)

This is only a short overview. You can read the full release notes here (it includes all Gitlab and Github references, with much more information). Big thanks to Andrew Hunt and Alice Frumin from AGH Strategies for putting up together release notes.

This release was developed by the following code authors:

AGH Strategies - Alice Frumin, Andrew Hunt; Agileware - Justin Freeman; Christian Wach; CiviCoop - Jaap Jansma, Klaas Eikelboom; CiviCRM - Coleman Watts, Tim Otten; CiviDesk - Yashodha Chaku; CompuCorp - Ahed Eid; Coop SymbioTIC - Mathieu Lutfy; Dave D; ECOPLAN - Torben Bertram; Freeform Solutions - Herb van den Dool; iXiam - Vangelis Pantazis; JMA Consulting - Seamus Lee; John Kingsnorth; Megaphone Technology Consulting - Jon Goldberg; MJW Consulting - Matthew Wire; Skvare - Sunil Pawar; Stephen Palmstrom; Wikimedia Foundation - Eileen McNaughton

Most authors also reviewed code for this release; in addition, the following reviewers contributed their comments:

Agileware - Justin Freeman; Artful Robot - Rich Lott; Blackfly Solutions - Alan Dixon; Fuzion - Jitendra Purohit; JMA Consulting - Monish Deb; MJCO - Mikey O'Toole; StijnVanhandsaeme; Tadpole Collective - Kevin Cristiano

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