Drush Bam Civi Wham

A while ago I mentioned that I was finding the backup and migrate module a better option to syncing Civi installs that the Civi drush command and Lobo asked if I would do a write-up on it.

I'm going to keep this pretty brief but I think it is worth telling people about as I find it really quick & easy.

http://drupal.org/project/backup_migrate (AKA BAM)

Writing a custom import script ..

The next phase of the CiviSchool project is collecting and maintaining all parent / student information online. This avoids the annual filling out forms work by the parents, and also the stuffing of envelopes by school staff during the summer and reentering all the information in the SIS when school starts.

40+ people in CiviCRM meetup, Taipei, Taiwan

We(NET Tuesday Taiwan) have a CiviCRM workshop since last August and had meetups for about 6-7 times. After Jimmy Huang came from CiviCon/Translation Sprint, we had a review meetup at 5/15 and gathered about 40 people from local NGOs. What's the next? Due to limited resource, I think we need have 2~3 successful local case studies and empower ourselves to better support local NGOS.


Implementing a batch import API ...

At CiviCon SF 2010, we met the folks from Emotive LLC (chang and matthew b) who expressed an interest in helping scale CiviCRM and in specific help with building an import system that can handle large data sets.

I started discussing this with chang on the forums and IRC. You can read our forum thread here: http://forum.civicrm.org/index.php/topic,13630.0.html

Thoughts and ideas for CiviCRM 4.0

The past few weeks have been just an amazing ride through the CiviCRM universe. We've had some excellent training sessions, an awesome CiviCon and then the sprints which produced a nice new book and some major improvements to our translation process. We've also been spending a lot of time thinking about what we want to accomplish with CiviCRM 4.0. So here are some of our thoughts, note that many of them are speculative and if something is really important to you or your org, consider making that part of YOUR OWN personal battleplan and contribute a design and code to make it happen.

Implementation details for Canvassing and GOTV ...

We've received a small amount of funding to help start our work on Canvassing and GOTV. We are still looking for sponsors, if this work is important to you, please consider supporting the project by making a contribution. We are also coordinating with Xavier on his work with CiviPetition.