CiviEvent improvments' suggestions

Hi all, Working on CiviEvent to add two nice features that are going to be included on 3.2: 1) Now you can send a link with the checksum token to the registration page, so the form is pre-filled even for contacts that don't have a login/password 2) And you can register someone else, even when you are logged in, eg. the admin users can register new people from the online registration like if they where anonymous. One more thing or two I think could be tweaked to make civievent even easier to use: 1) Admin Interface Right now, you have two "modes":

Seattle CiviCRM User Group Meeting May 27th At Office Nomads

There seems to be growing interest in CiviCRM in Seattle. People want to know more about what it is, how it works and how they can harness the power for their clients or their own organizations. Recently at DrupalCon in San Francisco I ran a training on CiviCRM that was attended by a fellow Seattlite, and in the weeks just before that I was introduced to a few other folks in Seattle using CiviCRM. So it seems like it is time.

Using CiviCRM Profile for a Survey

In the past many users have expressed their interest to use CiviCRM for a survey. Obvious choice for this, is to use CiviCRM profile. For this you will have to create multiple profiles with your survey questions and configure it to redirect user to next profile when one profile is saved. This behaves like a survey wizard. But if you have lot of questions / steps you will have to create that many number of profiles, which might be difficult to manage/setup survey.

CiviCRM and Aegir

Over the first three days of the code sprint, we got through most of the tasks to be done. So, on the last day it was decided that some time could be allocated to something different, taking advantage of developpers from different continents being together. Three of us spent a few hours working on coding a way to deploy CiviCRM site with Aegir.

Recap of DrupalCon, CiviCon and Civi Code Sprints

The past 8 days have been an amazing period for the CiviCRM community and core team members. Its been incredibly intense, extremely fulfilling and mind-blowing. A huge thank you and tip of the hat to the members of the community who participated in the event and came together from various parts of the world (asia, europe, north america) to push the project to greater heights, from a usability, documentation and localization viewpoint.

Day 4 of the book sprint, and counting...

It is midnight, we are busy finishing proof-reading the last chapters, after having been spoiled one more time with a scrumptious dinner cooked by an amazing Jill. After 4 days, time to put some numbers on this sprint:
  • 5 squirrels,
  • 8 chipmunks,
  • dozen of blue jays
  • 2 coyotes, and
  • 1 bernese mountain dog,
tough job to guard a herd of writers and
  • 11 000 words, spread around a lot of new chapters both aiming the users of CiviCRM and the developers.

Optimizing AJAX search in CiviCRM

It is said that optimizing too early is the root of all evil. However it is not so easy to say when is the right time. Looking at CiviCRM performance there are a number of instances where even on medium sized installations search queries take a long time to execute. One of the searches that caught my eye is the AJAX search at the top left in the menu bar. Returning a maximum of ten entries from a medium sized database (~50k records) should take negligible time and on the CiviCRM test data this request was taking around 3 seconds (putting full load on server).

Book Sprint day 3 review

Everyone is continuing to produce an incredible amount of content for the book, plus rework and update areas that were showing some age. The new set of chapters for developers and people who want to extend CiviCRM is really fantastic. Everyone who has been wanting to extend CiviCRM, but didn't know where to start should be able to dive in. Everyone is increasing their knowledge of CiviCRM, getting ideas for new features and improving existing features.