CiviCRM User, Integration and Developer Training Schedule for first half of 2010

We have quite a few paid training events lined up for this year. You can read some of the reports on prior trainings on our blog. Participants who have attended these trainings have remarked as to how much it has helped demystify CiviCRM for them (and their clients). Learn some valuable tips and tricks from the core CiviCRM developers and help the project! We offer a User training mainly for the CiviCRM end user / newbie, an integrator training for the CiviCRM administrator and a developer training for folks who want to extend and customize CiviCRM. Our current training schedule is:

How much server (disk space and memory) do I need to run my CiviCRM implementation....

How much server (disk space and memory) do I need to run my CiviCRM implementation....

The answer is, of course, it depends. But what are the critical factors?

-- Data base size (Number of contacts and number of custom data fields, relationships, groups, etc.)
-- Number of users (light usage vs. heavy usage)
-- What other applications will be running? (A CMS with a small data base or Jasper Reports with a lot of simultaneous users.)

I think it would be good to put forth some guidelines or rules of thumb.

CiviCRM / Xero (accounting package integration) - a bit of a look

This is really a continuation of previous blogs on CiviCRM accounting integration. I now have some basic integration bewteen CiviCRM and Xero working and decided to do a screencast.

Screencasts are hardly my preferred medium - especially now that I've tried to make one but I thought it might be useful for people to see what a CiviCRM integration with the accounting package Xero would look like. The screencast doesn't show you any CiviCRM - just Xero and is more intended to give people an idea of what the day-to-day reality of it is.

Extension of CiviCRM for Voter Canvassing

As an extension to our implementation of CiviCRM to support my work as a state representative, we have created a voter canvassing module. It has been tested under Drupal 6.14 and Civicrm 3.01 and summarily retested under Drupal 6.15 and CiviCRM 3.03.

It is available for download at a page on my website that includes installation instructions. Please feel free to contact me at willbrownsberger at if you would like access to my testbed to check out the application.

3.1 Beta 2 - Including the New Personal Dashboard!

The second BETA release of version 3.1 is now available for download. You can also try it out on our sandbox site. Please remember it’s a beta release and it shouldn’t be used on production sites.

This release includes several COOL new features:

  • Personal Dashboards - ** NEW in this beta release ** Each CiviCRM user can now configure their own dashboard (CiviCRM Home) to include summary data that's important to their work. Any available 'CiviReports' can be embedded in the dashboard in tabular or graphical format. Check out some examples on Kurund's recent blog post.
  • Contact Subtypes - Extend (and / or rename) the built-in contact types and create custom fields specific to a subtype (e.g. Staff vs. Volunteer custom fields). Thanks to the folks at Alpha International for sponsoring this much-requested feature (learn more...).
  • HTML Emails for Receipts, Event Confirmations and more - Templates for all system-generated emails are now stored in the database and editable by administrators. You can easily add styles, logos and more to your emails.
  • HTML layout overhaul for online contribution pages - Phase 1 in efforts to make front-end CiviCRM pages much easier to style / modify via CSS (learn more...). Thanks to Kyle Jaster and the folks at
  • Usability improvements - Streamlined DATE input and list sorting widgets. Prevent users from losing work by alerting them if they try to navigate away from a form with unsaved changes.
  • Support for Price Sets in Online Contribution Pages - Provides the flexibility to incorporate more complex contribution options (e.g. "Contribute $25 more to receive our monthly magazine.").
  • Custom Data Groups Extensibility - Custom data groups can now be shared between multiple types of Activities, Events, Participant Roles etc.
  • Access Control for Reports - Access control list (ACL) based permissioning is now applied to report data.

Report Back from NYC CiviCRM Meetup - Dec. 8th, 2009

Here’s a group posting from Alice with Progressive Technology Project, and Kyle and Sacha with Rayogram:

Once again Rayogram’s staff stepped it up with hosting our NYC meetup, provided wifi access, with Sacha and Kyle taking leads in facilitating advanced user and developer hands-on break outs. I facilitated the newbies’ hands-on and demo break out, where we were able to use training sets fashioned by the Civi core team.

Introducing the New CiviCRM Dashboard for 3.1

Since the addition of the CiviReport component, we were thinking it would great if users could expose their reports on the CiviCRM Dashboard screen. Hence we decided it's time to redesign the CiviCRM Dashboard ('Home' page). Now it has a 2 column layout with the ability to add reports as 'dashlets'. We think this will be a significant usability improvement, and we've added it to upcoming v3.1 release. This feature will be available for download as part of the next v3.1 beta release.