CiviCRM BOF sessions at Drupalcon

Calling all Drupalers: we'll be holding two BOF sessions at Drupalcon this year. Both are on Monday in room 212. The first one, from 11am to midday, is aimed at end users and administrators. The second, from 4 to 5pm is aimed at developers. Come along to talk about all things CiviCRM-Drupal!

More details on the drupalcon BOF page. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Free Software Foundation (FSF) recommends CiviCRM

The FSF just put out a press release recommending CiviCRM for non-profits. We've been working with the FSF very closely over the past 4 months to ensure that CiviCRM is licensing compliant (i.e. all the packages that we use and ship within CiviCRM are all compatible). This is an important milestone and a great endorsement for the project.

Some snippets from the FSF press release

CiviCRM for Ticketing and Attendance


This is a brief introduction to how CiviCRM can be used for ticketing and attendance purposes, via custom Drupal modules. The concept is to provide printable tickets for event registrants, and to put a unique UPC code on each ticket; then at the event itself, to provide a way for the event management staff to scan the UPC codes and easily take attendance using those codes. Such a system is in place on one site and has been used successfully.


CiviCRM 3.1.4 Release

We are excited to announce that CiviCRM 3.1.4 has been released, and is now available for download. You can also try it out on our demo site. This release includes ~100 bug fixes/improvements to existing functionality. We recommend that sites currently running v3.1.3 or earlier upgrade to this version as soon as possible.

Notice for Sites Using Moneris Payment Processor

We were unable to obtain an appropriate GPL license for the Moneris plugin code, and therefore that file has been removed from our downloads. If your site uses Moneris for payment processing, you will need follow these directions to download the required code after upgrading your site to 3.1.4.

Report from NTC 2010

Heading back from NTEN's national conference in Atlanta Saturday evening - both tired and stimulated. I was one of 1,500 non-profit "tech" folks (they come in all shapes and sizes btw). CiviCRM (and open source in generally) are clearly more on the radar at NTC each year - despite the bombardment of logos, banners and booths by the large commercial closed source vendors.

March 24 San Francisco Meet Up

If you were thinking of attending the CiviCRM meet up last Wednesday or wondering what exactly is shared, discussed, explained, who attends?…
Also, no worries if you're a bit late, we leave a number at the door for you to call

The meeting was attended by approximately 20 people who were new to CiviCRM, people who have decided to use CiviCRM and people who use and or develop it everyday and had specific questions.

After short introductions, we split into 3 smaller groups.
Group A talked about CiviSchool -

Campaigning camp report back

Just finished up two days of work with CiviCRM at campaigning camp in Oxford UK bringing together members of Plone and CiviCRM community. The Camp followed on from the two day e-Campaigning forum and that was really useful in helping us keep the user at the forefront of work and discussions. And led to some really interesting conversations about a user focused approach to campaigning in CiviCRM which we plan to take further at CiviCon in April.